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Sorry, Leerburg no longer offers the Remote Collar Training for the Pet Owner with Ed Frawley.

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DVDs & CDs Electric Collar Remote Collar Training for the Pet Owner with Ed Frawley

Remote Collar Training for the Pet Owner with Ed Frawley

Based on 5 reviews

Sorry, Leerburg no longer offers the Remote Collar Training for the Pet Owner with Ed Frawley.

  • 165 minutes long
  • Released Fall 2005
  • Instructor: Ed Frawley
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This month (May 2019), Ed finished producing a totally new online course and DVD titled, "Remote Collar Training for the Pet Owner." The online course will be open to customers on May 24, 2019. The new DVD is expected to be released 2 to 3 weeks after that.

This new course has been a 5 month project. The training in the new course is light years ahead of the DVD that Ed produced back in 2008.

We go into detail on how to condition a dog to wearing a remote collar (so it does not become collar wise). We have a section of introducing our dogs to the feeling of stimulation, so the dog can see that it does not have to hurt. The majority of dogs have a working level of stimulation that we humans can hardly feel. Our video dispels the old wives tail that “electric collars have to hurt the dog to make it mind”.

In the new course/DVD, we have video of 15 dogs going through the protocol on establishing the dogs working level of stimulation. Every dog is different, the breed and size of the dog has nothing to do with a dogs working stimulation level.

Learn more about the online course:

Learn more about the new DVD:

We will accept pre-orders for the new DVD. Sign up for our newsletter HERE for updates!

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This video was fantastic. I was completely new to corrections in dog training having been a positive reinforcement only proponent before I did the Online Obedience Course. When it was time for corrections at a distance, I got the Educator ET-400 and this video. I was hoping for the same great instruction as I had come to expect from Leerburg and I was not disappointed. These methods really work and are explained so simply that anyone with a basic understanding of English should be able to remote collar train their dog humanely. The part about finding the right level of correction for each dog was particularly helpful for me as a beginner. I probably watched it twenty times before ever turning the collar on! I must say that now, thanks in no small part to Leerburg, my dog is living the happiest, healthiest (yay raw food), and most fulfilling life I can provide for him. The photo is of Cannon splashing around wearing his educator and enjoying being off lead because his recall is so solid. This would not have been possible for me without the Remote Collar Training for Pet Owners video.

- on

I agree that all new users that want to use E-collars to buy the video so you learn step by step. The best thing about using the E-collar is it's not personal between you and your K-9. I agree that too many people misuse the E-collar by turning it into a negative thing and that's 100%. You need to start on level 1 and tap it once and watch your dog's movement every time you dial up another level. I'm on a K-9 unit in Chicago and used all brands. My partner's name is Battle, he is 15 months old and scaled in at 110 LB. He has a strong drive and loves to bite and the other night I had to release him and he took down a 6 foot man that was over 240 LB. I'm telling you this because as you see he is very strong. However, we train daily and when I use the E-collar 800, he responds to all my command on level 8. The E-collar like the video explained, your dog will know he has it on after a week of using it and will obey without any correction. It takes years to have your dog trained with an E-collar and you're done as long as you do things the correct way. I would start slow if you never trained and buy the training videos on this site and if you have questions, the personal here is great and you will get any question answered. If you have a GS, make sure you buy the 1 inch prongs because of the hair. This is a great site and the only site I buy items for my K-9.

- on

This is a great video! I was seriously afraid of using an electric collar on my dog because I've been afraid I would hurt or scare my dog and ruin him. This video helped me get over that by showing the correct way to use the collar. I've been using an electric collar now for about 6 months, and I've noticed a dramatic difference in my dog when he's off leash.

Thank you Leerburg for such a great video!

- on

I have just completed this video. I have watched many and purchased a few. Boy, this one blew me away.

By far the most informative and helpful, I have seen yet. All my watching, reading and tried and true actions have now been clarified for me. That may sound excessive, But I now feel I have confirmation that I am on the right track. I immediately took this to heart and walked my GSD and Min Poodle together, as was usual. I have a dual remote and the info I learned from RC Training for the pet owner has proved to be right on.

Clearly we have a lot to work on. But what a pleasure to have such instant results.

Thank You for a great Video. Frank, Cujo and Presley.
PS: Cujo is the Miniature Poodle not the GSD.
We also have a shitzu. but that is another story

- on

I've just watched this video for the first time, and was very impressed. I'm now doing the collar conditioning phase with my dog, and will move on to actual use in a few weeks. The information provided makes so much sense, and seems like an extremely effective way to train. I'm looking forward to using the remote collar, and may post another review later, after I've had some actual experience.

- on

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