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Sorry, but the Bringing Your Puppy into Your Home DVD Set has been discontinued.


Bringing Your Puppy into Your Home DVD Set

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Sorry, the Bringing Your Puppy into Your Home DVD Set has been discontinued.

  • 2 DVDs Total
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  • Instructor: Ed Frawley
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I consider myself to be a person that has a vast amount of information regarding the dogs and the training that is essential no matter what the breed is since what should really be happening is that the owner is walking his/her dog. Very often what I see is the opposite and ultimately, the dog is walking the owner around the community. When I got this DVD set the other day I watched it and was totally pleased with the video as it was thorough, very clear and covered all of the specific issues in great detail. As I said above, I have had a vast amount of dog training knowledge already and so I could identify with the instructor in that he would state that twenty years ago, I would have done it differently. I know that very well because I have seen training techniques change over the years. So whether this is your first experience with dog training, a refresher course on training or simply getting the videos to see a different perspective, its a great set and I can say that you will not be disappointed with it. I am definitely going to be purchasing the other sets and more because I am in the process of getting a new puppy and want to be up to date with all of the new changes that might be utilized in making the training process a great success. I thank Ed Frawley for creating these DVDs for the public at large to utilize in training their canine whether it be a larger powerful breed or a "Teacup" Yorkshire Terrier because no matter what the breed is, training for a dog is inevitable and makes everything so much easier for the dog and the family that owns the dog.

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