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DVDs & CDs Miscellaneous Training Sheep Herding Dogs with Karl Fuller
Training Sheep Herding Dogs with Karl Fuller
Based on 2 reviews

Training Sheep Herding Dogs with Karl Fuller

Based on 2 reviews
  • 2 hours long
  • Released 2004
  • Instructor: Karl Fuller
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Training Sheep Herding Dogs with Karl Fuller Cover Art
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In 1985, I saw my first HGH nationals in Europe. This is the type of sheep herding German Shepherd Dogs do the best. It is also the style of training the AKC has based their herding instinct testing and course "C" on. I originally felt that the dogs did this work so naturally that they had to be doing it from instinct and not training. I was wrong. Since then I have collected enough information from Karl Fuller of Kirschental Kennels in West Germany to produce this tape.

Karl Fuller has won West Germany's HGH nationals 7 times. He has bred more HGH Siegers and Siegrens than any other man. The training concepts in this video are a result of the time Karl has generously spent with myself and my friends.

The Continental or Tending Style of sheep dog training was developed in the areas of Europe where there are few fences and specific fields that could be grazed. The Tending Style is totally different than what most people think of when they see Collies work sheep. Collies drive sheep from behind and cut sheep from the flock. In the Tending Style, the sheep are trained to follow the Shepherd and come when called. The dogs act as a living fence to keep the flock in the fields. The Shepherd wants them to graze. Our video shows that while genetics improves performance, systematic step by step work produces a well trained sheep herding dog.

The training segments for this dvd are as follows:

  • Conditioning the flock to your dog
  • Conditioning the dog to sheep
  • Training the sheep to follow the Shepherd
  • Training the one sided border
  • Training the two sided borders
  • Training the three and four sided borders
  • The narrow graze
  • Training the dog to do pick work at a corner
  • The bridge training
  • Training the pen work
  • Training the dog to work traffic
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Karl Fuller is truly a legend when it comes to sheep herding. His dogs are amazing, and learning his methods on this video is beyond compare. My dogs have Kirschental in their lines, and its great to be able to work them like Karl worked his dogs.

- on

I learned a lot from this video. It takes a lot of work and time to train a good herder. Having a trained dog for your dog to copy is a great asset.

- on

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