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Dog Toys Launcher Toys ChuckIt! Ball Launcher
ChuckIt! Ball Launcher
Based on 4 reviews

ChuckIt! Ball Launcher

Based on 4 reviews
  • DO NOT buy balls this size if you have a large dog that is ball crazy. Read description below for the reasons.
  • Throws from 100 to 140 feet away
  • Made of lightweight, durable plastic
  • Hands-free pickup
  • Colors may vary
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Ball crazy Dogs can accidently get a solid ball stuck in the back of their throat. When that happens they suffocate and die. This happens all to often with solid chuckit balls or with tennis sized balls. Cindy and I personally know of 5 dogs this happened too. People who have dogs like this should be using LARGE BALLS. The ones Cindy and I use with our dogs are the large size Treat Dispensing Chew Ball. Our Amish harness makers have also made a leather ball strap that we attach to these balls. This makes it easier to grab the ball away from our dogs.

The Chuckit! is the best way to exercise your dog without wearing out your arm. With the Chuckit!, you can throw that ball out of the ballpark over and over again. Use it in the park, in your backyard, or anywhere there is plenty of room. With a little practice you can consistently throw the ball 100 to 140 feet.

The Chuckit! Ball Launcher is made of lightweight, durable plastic. It uses a standard-size tennis ball and is designed for hands-free pickup, so you never have to bend down and pick up a slimy ball again. Colors may vary.

Fits the following:


  • Sport 12M: 12" long, medium balls


No toy is 100% indestructible. It is unrealistic to expect that from any toy. The toys that we sell at Leerburg are the best quality and most durable that we have found. Always supervise your dog when playing with toys. Periodically inspect all toys for damage. Do not allow your dog to continue to play with a damaged or broken toy.

Bought this product?

We first saw the ball launcher being used while on vacation and visiting a dog park. Our pup basically out-ran the other dog, retrieved the ball and tried to take over the game. We ordered one shortly thereafter. Our dog still eagerly looks forward to this activity despite daily use for 2 years.

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This was a replacement for one I had bought earlier and works well. It saves my arm and tires out the dog making it a win-win situation! We have a large yard and I can chuck it at least a 100 feet without much effort!

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I have a male GSD. A medium/reg sized chuckit ball lodged in his throat on retrieve and he came very close to checking out. I wasn't able to get to the ball until he passed out. I thought I'd lost him but didn't give the ball out of his throat and gave him compressions for a while. After what seemed like an eternity he began breathing on his own and shortly thereafter slowly opened his eyes. He didn't move for another ten minutes or so. I gave that chuckit /balls to a friend with a smaller dog and got the larger set. I recommend the chuckit with a strong advisory to get a size that cannot possibly lodge in your dogs throat.

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Just received our first Chuckit! launcher and ultra balls. Our English Golden Retrievers LOVE IT! They brought the balls back for reloading time and time again. Adding to our collection with some of your other great toys. Thanks!

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