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Toys Balls Chuckit Max Glow Ball
Chuckit Max Glow Ball
Based on 1 reviews

Chuckit Max Glow Ball

Based on 1 review
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Ball crazy large breed dogs can accidently get a solid ball tennis ball or chuckit ball stuck in the back of their throat. When that happens they suffocate and die. This happens all to often with solid chuckit balls or with tennis sized balls. This is not an issue with small breed dogs.

Cindy and I personally know of 5 dogs this has happened too. People who have dogs like this should be using LARGE BALLS. The ones Cindy and I use with our dogs are the large size Treat Dispensing Chew Ball on this page. Our Amish harness makers have also made a leather ball strap that we attach to these balls. This makes it easier to grab the ball away from our dogs.

Now you can have fun playing fetch with your dog even when the sun goes down! The Chuckit! Max Glow Ball Dog Toy glows in the dark after 3 minutes of exposure; no batteries required. Made of synthetic rubber, this ball is compatible with Chuckit! This ball fits perfectly in the Sport 12M Chuckit! Ball Launcher, sold separately.

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This glow ball is top of the line as far as its glowing capability. It is safe with no batteries or anything for dogs to swallow etc. The material is quite indestructible but not entirely anymore with my pitbull. Somehow he has figured out how to compromise his glow balls so he is not allowed to sit with it at home. It is designated for walks only where he has a different ball always in his mouth while chasing after this glow ball at night. When it begins to lose its zest, I shine my flashlight on it for half a minute or soon to revive its brightness. It also has a hole on one side so dogs can breathe easier while running with it. The large ball is really cool but it requires the larger launcher, which I also recommend.

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