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Police K9 Harnesses & Vests Service Dog Active Fit Harness

Service Dog Active Fit Harness

Based on 9 reviews
  • Made of strong lightweight nylon
  • Has three heavy welded D-rings
  • Padded and lined for comfort
  • Double stitched
  • This is a Special Order/Custom Made item, normally sent out in no more than 7 business days. NOT ELIGIBLE FOR RETURNS.
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This vest was specifically designed with an active cut, meaning higher cut sides, contoured neckline and shorter form fitted back. All this allows your dog freedom of movement in any position and still giving you lots of room to clip on handles, bags or add additional patches. Wider straps for the girth and chest help keep this vest in place and limit the amount of shifting from side to side like other square style vests tend to do. The durable heavy nylon fabric and innovative Air-Tech spacer mesh backing make a great combination to keep your dog cool & comfortable while still having a long lasting vest. The Service Dog Active Fit Harness has four heavy welded D-rings so you can attach any of our accessories such as; bridge handles, clip-on bags, Identification carriers, or engraved tags.

Department patches will be attached at no charge upon request.

Cleaning Instructions: Machine wash with cool water and like colors. Line dry.


Medium26" - 31"
Large31" - 39"
X-Large36" - 45"

What is girth?

Girth is taken from the widest part of the dog's chest behind the forelegs.

A dog with a tape measure around its neck, behind the ears.
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Verified Customer Review
Customer submitted image

When I bought this hardness in Medium for a 47 lb svelt Norwegian Elkhound, I got a call from Leerburg about the patches I wanted while I was at work. I said "none" but the nice sales lady insisted and said she could not ship the harness unless I selected two free patches. Seriously lady??? So, she insisted on going through all the working dog, police, & search & rescue options, none of which applied to a pet dog. No, my pet Norwegian Elkhound cannot wear a Sheriff patch, etc. I ended having to BUY two custom patches that read "elkhound" just to get the harness!!! I see that there now is a no patch option! Anyway, in the spur of the moment, I figured it might cut back on the question every elkhound owner knows too well..."What kind'a dog is THAT???" I didn't want them at the time and they greatly increased the price of the harness; however, in hindsight it was a good decision. We still sometimes get asked about the breed, but not nearly as much... The photo is of my boy Hawk after being asked the question! ;-)

We've had all sorts of harnesses for elkhounds since 1998 and this is the best one. The important part is that there is NO STRAP going between or behind their front legs. These broad-chested moose hunters can't stand the chaffing and associated limitation of movement. They also hate tight ones that need to be fitted over their faces and around their necks. Don't even hesitate & buy this one. After 2 years of use, I'm back to buy more for our rescued elkhounds.

I would suggest Leerburg add an actual 10-Mile blaze orange hunting vest to the line; something our wolf-looking elkhounds need to wear in the fall because hunters can't tell a wolf from a coyote, let alone a relatively rare breed with wolf genes from the European Alps.

Dr. Raymond S

- on

Verified Customer Review
Customer submitted image

Very well made and definitely worth every cent. I have recommended this to several friends and they have ordered as well

- on

Verified Customer Review

The Police K9 Vest with Handle makes handling our newly adopted GSD so much easier. He would still pull hard with a prong collar when his prey drive kicked in and we were concerned about injury. The harness is safe and secure and for whatever reason, he is much calmer wearing it than a flat or prong collar. We have purchased other items, (leashes, collars, DVD) and have always found the products to be top notch.

- on

Ruby and Coco are shown in the video wearing their customized vests.

- on

We first ordered the medium vest because our GSD was 2" less than the maximum girth suggested but when it arrived it was so tight we couldn't secure it. We exchanged it for a large vest with no problems.

We love this vest!! It is so lightweight yet made so well. The lettering on the velcro patches are bright and visible at least 10' away. I clip my lead on the D-ring closest to his neck and I clip his ID and the house keys on either side D-ring. The dog is strong and pulls a lot and the D-ring holds. I have also had to use the handle to pull the dog away from something that smelled wonderful to him and having the handle located closer to the end of the vest was very convenient to reach. We purchased it in January but anticipate it will be fine during the summer because it is so lightweight. Once the vest is adjusted front and back, to remove it just unclip the one clip and the dog can either back out of it or you can lift it off over its head. Mud splatters from the snow thaws clean up with a wipe of a cloth. Finally, we also own the medium weighted vest and this vest fits easily over it - we just adjust the strap.

- on

Customer submitted image

Mr. Frawley;

I just received the harness I ordered from your company and I had to contact you to let you know how impressed I am with the manufacture. It is light weight yet very sturdy and I can expect to use it for years. I chose your company because you came very highly recommeded by several dog owners who have already done business with you.

This harness is just what I was looking for for Harley. He is a large bodied DDR German Shepherd which makes it very hard to find a comfortable fitting harness that doesn't sag or twist on him. His long hair coat doesn't help either.

I have enclosed a picture of Harley wearing the harness. As you can see he is a very impressive looking dog as it is, and I think this harness just adds to his good looks.

Be assured that I will gladly pass on your company's name to others every chance I get!

Thank you again for the quick shipping and excellent service I received.


- on

Customer submitted image

The dog in the picture thanks you for the K9 vest and training book that just arrived 2 days a go (incredibly fast...). We intend to order another 12 similar equipment and a book. Hopefully, we may be interested in other products.

Greetings from Romania.
Elis, Cristian and Fox - the dog

- on

This has got to be the best I have ever purchased, even the dog likes it better than the Leather Tracking Harness with the chest pad. Fits like a glove and the side protection is excellent. It will be easy to sew the patches on the sides as they arrived. Just wanted to let you know that this is the one to buy. For those that do not want the handle it will come off easy, and you still have a way to grab the dog with out choking them. Which I did as the handle would get caught in brush. It would if in a bright color make an outstanding SAR vest for dogs, but I have a way to make it happen. One great feature is how quick you can get it fasten on the dog, as most dogs are wanting to get going, and the leather harness took to much time when it is cold and trying to buckle it on with gloves on.

So thanks for the sales.


- on

Verified Customer Review

Sewing failed in multiple spots.

- on

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