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Leerburg Bamboo Clatter Stick
Based on 0 reviews
$19.99 - $60.00

Leerburg Bamboo Clatter Stick

Based on 0 reviews
$19.99 - $60.00
  • Hand-made here at Leerburg
  • 28" long
  • 2" to 2.5" in circumference
  • Split lengthwise several times
  • Regular bamboo clatter sticks sold in sets of 3 only
  • Colors may vary
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Colors may vary.


All of our clatter sticks are hand made here at Leerburg. The Leerburg Bamboo Clatter Stick is approximately 28" long and about 2" to 2.5" in circumference. It has been split length wise several times. All knobs and sharp edges are knocked off.

The Bamboo clatter stick is traditionally one of the pressure points of the various ring sports. The intent of the stick is to impress the dog and test its courage and stability but not hurt or harm the dog in any way. Various sports have different specifications for how the stick is supposed to be made for competitions and how a decoy may use it. For instance, a Mondioring Decoy stick is supposed to be cut into 4 pieces length wise while a French Ring stick is supposed to be cut into 6. A Mondioring decoy is not allowed to touch the dog with the stick in competition while a French Ring is, in specific locations of the dogs body. Because of the variations these sports as well as others such as PSA, our sticks are designed as training sticks, which can be used in training for any sport or discipline including civil or military/police work.

We offer two variations of bamboo clatter sticks. The first is the traditional clatter stick with a soft handled grip on it. After cutting the stick, all of the sharp edges are removed to promote the safety of the dog, decoy and handler. To help extend the life of your stick, you may consider wrapping the ends of the split ends with a small piece of tape. This will help reduce your stick from splitting into further pieces.

Our second stick is our Coated Bamboo Clatter Stick which is made to the exact same specifications as the Bamboo Clatter Stick, however it does have a poly-material coating around each of the split ends of the stick. After extended use, a normal Bamboo Clatter Stick will start to break small pieces off. The purpose of the poly-coating is to give added life to your stick by preventing it from splitting further, as well as protecting against any small slivers of bamboo to stick the decoy or dog.

We do not recommend pounding the clatter stick onto the ground as the bamboo is dried and will break with enough force. In the hands of a helper it will make a very intimidating noise to an attacking dog.

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