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Electric Collars Educator Educator 400 Plus Remote Dog Trainer
Educator 400 Plus Remote Dog Trainer
Based on 1 reviews
$361.99 $331.99

Educator 400 Plus Remote Dog Trainer

Based on 1 review
$361.99 $331.99
  • 3/4" width collar strap
  • Employs quick charge li-polymer batteries
  • 3/4 mile range
  • Remote tracking light
  • Lost transmitter beeper
  • Completely waterproof
  • Two receivers on the collar to ensure proper contact
  • Includes original charging system

Please note that this item cannot be shipped to Australia or New Zealand.

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The Educator 400 Plus is a 3/4 mile range trainer loaded with unique features making it the most humane and effective trainer available. The tapping sensation mode is twice as effective as vibration. Added Bonus of the Bungee Collar system which provides comfort and contact reliability unmatched in the e-collar industry.

The Educator 400 Plus is medium range trainer loaded with unique features making it the most humane and effective trainer available. It provides the user the ability to adjust the level of each dog separately using our patented “Lock and Set” feature. Don’t be fooled by the small collar receiver size 2” x 1.5” x 1”, 2.4 ounce, it provides plenty of stimulation for most dogs. The unique COS (control of stimulation) technology provides very clean stimulation without the normal head jerking often found with other training collars. The tapping sensation employed is similar to vibration, but more intense making it a good substitute to the stimulation. The stop watch style transmitter is so ergonomic; you don’t even have to look at the remote allowing you to watch your dog. The night tracking light is controlled by the transmitter allowing the user to flash or continuously light up the collar receiver for locating your dog after dark. Lost transmitter beeper can be turned on to help locate a misplaced or lost transmitter. The transmitter even floats so don’t worry if you drop in the lake. Educator Remote E-Collar will turn a smart stubborn dog into a genius. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Proudly Assembled in the USA.

This remote collar system is identical to the Educator K9-400 3/4 Mile Remote Dog Trainer with Bungee Collar with the exception of an extra receiver on the collar strap. The main purpose of this configuration is not to deliver a stronger stimulation to the dog (because there are now two receivers on the dogs neck), but rather it allows us to not have the remote collars so tight on the dogs neck.

The problem with single receiver systems is quite often the strap holding the collar has to be very tight on the dog's neck just to make sure the probes make contact through the dogs fur. Our two receiver system eliminates that problem.

When dogs do bite work their neck muscles swell, just like a human arm muscle gets bigger right after lifting weights. It's a temporary thing but if you look at a dogs neck shortly after it has finished a training session his neck muscled are pumped.

Your dog may start a training session with a remote collar fitting perfectly, but as his neck swells during the training session the collar becomes tighter and tighter. It restricts blood flow and breathing. When that happens you have shorter training sessions.

The number one benefit of this two receiver set up is that the collar can be looser on the dog’s neck while the probes maintain contact with the neck. If the dog leans into the collar in one direction the probes on that side of the neck still make contact. If the dog leans the other direction the probes on the other side of the neck make contact and during the entire training session the dog can breathe normally. You are actually able to start a training session with enough slack for the dog's neck to swell and still not interfere with breathing or blood flow as the neck swells.

Note from Cindy

I’ve noticed a positive difference in my dog’s endurance level during long training sessions and recovery time afterwards since switching to the Educator ET400 PLUS. He breathes more freely with the collar down lower and looser on the neck. Ed uses this system on his dogs as well.


  • 2 Collar Receivers: 2.0” x 1.5” x 1.1”, 2.4 oz.
  • BioThane Bungee Collar Strap: ¾” x 30”, 1.46 oz. (Ready to Cut to Size)
  • Floating Remote: 2.75” diameter, 1.29” thick and 4.3 oz.
  • Complete System in Box: 11.4” x 8.3” x 2.4”, 2.2 lb

Training Modes

Continuous/Momentary/Boost Mode/Tapping Sensation

Continuous/Continuous Boost/Tapping Sensation

Momentary/Momentary Boost/Tapping Sensation

Additional Features

  • 100 levels dial adjustable with "Lock and Set" feature
  • User settable booster levels
  • Tapping sensation (non-stimulation training)
  • LCD display for precision control
  • Low battery indicators on both units
  • Remote controlled night light
  • Durable biothane collar strap
  • Two-Year Full Warranty (batteries covered)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (batteries exempt)
  • Assembled in the USA


  • Two Waterproof Collar Receivers
  • One Waterproof/Floating Remote
  • One ¾” x 30” Biothane Bungee Collar (Ready to Be Cut to Size)
  • Two Sets of Contact Points (1/2” and 3/4”)
  • Contact Point Removal Tool
  • Dual Battery Charger (120V/220V)
  • Owner’s Manual with Training Tips
  • Lanyard for the Remote
  • Belt Clip
  • Deluxe Plastic Carrying Case
  • Why buy an Educator Collar?

    Educator collars are lighter and more technologically current. Educator's tapping sensation is twice as intense as their pager mode, their tones are more pronounced, their stimulation is cleaner and has a higher intensity when needed. The stimulation dial on the Educator is easier to adjust and has the "lock and set" feature to prevent accidental over-stimulation, for 2 dogs each dog can be locked in to a different level. Educator's stimulation is of a medical grade type that does not cause head jerking but will obtain compliance.

    Another technological advantage of Educator Collars is that they have the quickest stimulation in the industry. In other words from the time you push the button to the time stimulation starts is the shortest in the industry. This may be a subtle to many but competition trainers like it very much.

    All of Educator's products have night lights. They have programmable modes allowing the user to select different uses for the buttons. All of the Educator transmitters float and are waterproof to 500' and can withstand 5000 Gs of shock. Comparable e-collars are good to 60' and 1000 Gs of shock, tough but not as tough. They have a quick-release belt/saddle/purse clip combined with the ergonomics of the transmitter make it easier to work. Educator uses Biothane collar straps for unsurpassed durability. Comparing similar e-collars in other brands to the ET300 is like comparing a Yugo to a Ferrari but paying the same price.

    Last but not least, the money you spend stays in the US. All Educator collars and products are made in the USA.

    Returns: 30-Day No-Questions-Asked return policy, Two Year Full Warranty, limited lifetime on materials, and two-year warranty on batteries

    Shipping: These collars are shipped through FedEx. If FedEx cannot ship to the address given, please be sure to put a note in the comment section before submitting your order.

Bought this product?

I'll start off with a huge THANKS to Dona for helping me out with my order. I wanted the ET400 Plus, but I also wanted to take advantage of the ability to control a second dog. Dona contacted Einstein for me to ensure they could come up with a dual-dog, dual-receiver solution as no one has ordered one before. Complete success!

The collars worked flawlessly on my Belgian Malinois puppy who's just getting started with e-training and my female German Shepherd that was already accustomed to it. As my GSD is accustomed to mountain biking and trail running with me, I was thrilled with the claims of enhanced endurance while using the dual receiver collar. With a traditional collar, it had to be so tight that her endurance would suffer and we'd have to rest more often, or cut rides/runs short. With problem. I took her out last night and could notice an instant improvement.

I'm still learning how to effectively, and quickly, use the Einstein as I'm accustomed to an Innotek system, but so far it's been easy to learn. Locating the stim buttons on the side prevents unwanted accidental stims that I've experienced with the Innotek's front mounted button.

Another thing to note is how impressed I was with the quality of the kit. Extremely fast delivery direct from Einstein in a nice case. Even the charger was custom built. Instead of the customary three-lead (two receivers and remote) that would come with this kit, it had two additional leads built onto it for the other two receivers. Perfect!

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