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Electric Collars Electric Collar Accessories Educator Comfort Pad Contact Points
Educator Comfort Pad Contact Points
Based on 1 reviews

Educator Comfort Pad Contact Points

Based on 1 review
  • Great for dogs that have sensitive skin and need to wear the collar receiver for extended periods of time
  • Used with Educator electric collars
  • This is a Special Order/Custom Made item, normally sent out in no more than 7 business days
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Large Receiver, Large Probes

Large Receiver, Small Probes

Small Receiver, Large Probes

Small Receiver, Small Probes


Great for dogs that have sensitive skin and need to wear the collar receiver for extended periods of time. Available for long or short hair.

Large receivers with any point length work with ET500, ET800TS, K9 800TS, ET1200. Choose long points for long-haired dogs and short points for short-haired dogs.

Small receivers with long probes intended for 300TS and 400TS models.

Small receivers with short probes intended for 300TS, 400TS, EZ-900, and Educator Pro 900 models.


Small and large receivers are also compatible with all Dogtra electric collars.

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Verified Customer Review

We purchased these to get our dog used to wearing the collar and not become collar wise. Where they know where the stim is coming from. We let her wear it for 2 weeks with no stim at all. She'd wear it whenever we went outside, or when we went to the store or walks so on. And it worked well in that manner. But these seam to reduce the stim allot. We had it set at 10 to 15 for intense stuff. But with this we had to turn it up to 15 to 20. And even then it's not as strong. My wife used the boost button with the regular prongs and it dropped our poor pup. My wife accidentally hit the wrong button. But with this we hit it on purpose today cause she was trying to get her back under control and it didn't even phase her. We used the boost twice today. Once when she got in the trash cause it's getting to be a real problem. You could see her tense up a little bit but kept on going. With the regular prong the continues button on 10 would stop her. At 15 she'd be jumping to get away from it unless she was in high drive. Then it's just enough to get her attention. We followed the Michael Ellis videos on ecollar training and are using low stim but even at high stimulus it didn't really phase her. The regular prongs are more like a poke where this is more of a light tickle.

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