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Educator Hypoallergenic Contact Points
Based on 2 reviews

Educator Hypoallergenic Contact Points

Based on 2 reviews
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Left: Thick - 3/4" | Middle: Short - 5/8" | Right: Micro - 3/8"


Many dogs exhibit sensitivity to the nickel in the stainless steel which is observed by a reddening of the skin where the contact points are touching the dog's skin. Our hypo allergenic contact points alleviate this problem and allow your dog to wear the collar without irritation.

The hypoallergenic do not contain the nickle that can cause irritation on certain breeds of dogs or dogs with sensitive skin. Because they do not contain nickle, these contact points may tarnish. The contact points can be easily wiped clean once tarnished.

It is always best to use the shortest contact point that makes a reliable connection. As with all contact points, do not leave the collar receiver on the dog for more than 8 to 12 hours at a time without a full inspection of the contact area.

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Great product. I have a dog that's highly allergic to normal metals. These helped a lot. Now all I need is a bungee collar that has no metal, because the rivets and other hardware on the collars themselves are causing sores on the dog's neck.

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received the contact points and installed them on the collar. Dog didn't seem to be responding so did a check and had to take the usual working level of 8 to 68 for the same result. I tested contacts with supplied test light, not working so switched to original contact and everything worked fine, switched back again and not working. Contacted leerburg who promptly and happily sent out a replacement set. Installed the new set used test light and once again don't work verifying its the product not the original set. Not worth the money as they make the collar next to useless.

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