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Leashes BioThane Leashes 1/2 inch Textured Super Grip Obedience Leash
1/2 inch Textured Super Grip Obedience Leash
Based on 0 reviews

1/2 inch Textured Super Grip Obedience Leash

Based on 0 reviews
  • 1/2" wide
  • High quality 2.75” brass snap
  • Snap is double stitched for extra security
  • Amish hand-crafted with BioThane®
  • Tensile strength of 500 lbs
  • Handmade in the USA

The textured super grip obedience leash is 1/2" wide. This short, BioThane drag leash is perfect for those times when a full length leash isn't necessary. We like the shorter leashes for precision heeling work with a prong collar while transitioning to off leash obedience work. It is light enough that the dog doesn’t notice it and it’s strong enough to use for a correction if necessary. The shorter lengths make it easy to grab and it’s just "long enough" without having a lot of excess to get in your way.

Perfect for training; it doesn’t interfere with your dog but gives you a way to help him if necessary.

This textured super grip obedience leash is also good when you need a 'handle' on your dog around the house. It’s useful for helping you keep your dog under control at the door and while going up and down stairs, but short enough to not get tangled around furniture and people.

Leerburg's textured super grip leashes are unique to Leerburg. Other companies claim to have "textured super grip" leash, they are just BioThane leahes with bumps on the BioThane. That is not what Leerburg offers.

Our Textured Super Grip Leashes are a special BioThane product that not only has bumps it also feels a slightly tacky. They are all sewn with a double stitch for maximum security and come equipped with high quality brass hardware.

If you have a hard time gripping traditional BioThane® leashes and lines, or just want that added sense of security, our Textured Super Grip leash will be exactly what you need. They are coated with a durable rubberized finish that makes handling them comfortable and secure for all of your training applications. They also include small textured bumps on the line to give you even more grip and control of the line.

Our BioThane has a tensile strength of 500 lbs. It is lighter and stronger than leather. We had our Amish harness makers attach a BioThane line and a leather line to their draft horses. The leather broke before the BioThane in three different tests. Click here to watch the video.


BioThane (unlike leather) is not affected by rain or moisture.

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