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Leashes Short Leashes Light Weight Prong Collar Leash Adapter
Light Weight Prong Collar Leash Adapter
Based on 9 reviews

Light Weight Prong Collar Leash Adapter

Based on 9 reviews
  • Works with any leash
  • Lightweight
  • Brass snaps
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This light weight leash adapter has solid brass clips. It is made so that a prong collar is attached to one clip and dominant dog collarâ„¢ (or backup collar) is attached to a second clip and a regular leash attaches to the adapter. When or if the prong collar fails and comes off the dog, the second collar is already attached without interfering with the prong collar corrections. Dominant dog collars and prong collars sold separately.



  • Prong Collar Attach Length: 4.5"
  • Backup Collar Attach Length: 7.5"
  • Snap Length: 1.75"


  • Prong Collar Attach Length: 6"
  • Backup Collar Attach Length: 10"
  • Snap Length: 2.25"
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Verified Customer Review

I got one of these lightweight adapters to use as a safety backup for a prong collar used with my daughter's American Foxhound mix. Have not had a problem with the prong collar yet, but every time I went out walking with Zuzu, I was afraid something might happen. I use the Y-adapter with her regular collar and I feel much better about the prong collar. Zuzu is a free spirit who is easily distracted and using the prong collar makes it easy to keep her safe. We call it power steering. So thankful for Leerburg for making this adapter. BTW, I tie the Y up with rubber bands so Zuzu can't step in the Y. Going to order another Y backup today!

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Verified Customer Review

I've spent years "McGuyver-ing" various prong/flat connectors, including carabiners, traffic-tab-plus-carabiner, even using two leashes for peace of mind--because If you've ever had a prong collar come apart, you know that awful sinking feeling! After seeing this connector, I decided to try it out. I bought two (one for each member of the goon squad.)

It's lightweight enough that the prong collar doesn't get dragged down the neck by the weight but also sturdy with rugged leash clips. Very easy to give a quick leash pop on the prong if needed without tugging at the flat collar at the same time.

Excellent solution for anyone who (like me) already has a gear closet full of leashes and didn't want to buy yet another specialty version. Great product!

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We had the leather leash for our larger (50 pound) dog, but only recently decided to get the adapter for our smaller dog. She is getting older and some of our walks are along busy streets. With her failing vision I worry more about her safety and decided to get this adapter to use with the prong and regular collar. I feel so much safer now that she has double collar protection. We had a prong collar break on our larger dog when he was a puppy, which resulted in him getting hit by a car. Luckily he survived his injuries, but it could have been worse. That is when we researched and found these wonderful leashes. I've had so many trainers, and dog handlers comment on how great these leashes are! Thanks for giving us peace of mind when we walk our furry kids!

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AMAZING SAFETY PRODUCT!!! I'm a huge fan of this product for the safety of my dog. Equipment malfunctions do happen and like Ed says in the videos, the last thing you want is for your prong to fail and not have a back up. We tend to go on our long walks at night due to scheduling and there are a lot of distractions. I tend to not use this when training as it is a tad long. Overall, if you use a prong collar, or are considering one this is the first accessory I'd purchase to support it.

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I bought one of these for myself and one for my daughter and it's great. I've used prong collars for years and one thing you can bet on is that sooner or later it will pop open. Sure enough, a few days ago as I was getting one of my dogs out of the car, the prong came apart. Thankfully, I had snapped the lead on to the adapter and she was still attached to the lead by the flat collar she was wearing. She's young, just starting obedience and doesn't have a dependable recall yet so I was very happy that I still had control over her. I'd give this 10 stars if I could.

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My girlfriend and I both love this prong collar adapter! Thank you Leerburg.

We both have young male Cane Corsi dogs who are good boys, but being teenagers they will at times test us. My friend and I are not young, and our boys already weigh 100 lbs. I am 60 with a few physical medical issues which have zapped my strength, and even with the prong collar my boy would still pull at times. Not any more!!

First time out with the prong collar adapter he was under total, and complete control! I was using the regular 6' length leash connected to both his Prong Collar, and his Martingale as his back up collar. This was not working all that well. I had to snap his leash repeatedly, but not anymore.

I spoke with my friend a short while ago, and she also had the same experience with her boy.

I honestly didn't expect it to work so well. When I received them, and saw such thin nylon I just knew it wouldn't work with such heavy strong dogs. They WORK great!

I not only would recommend it to my friends, but actually purchased one for my bff as you can see by the above.

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I bought two of these, one for me and one for my daughter. We've had fog here for days and today the sun finally came out and I was able to go out and work my dog on this. I love it. It worked perfectly with no tangling or twisting. I had complete control and no worry about the pinch collar coming loose. I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could.

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The concept is great but this is not light enough and too long for use on small dogs. I have a 10lb mini pin and this adapter is almost as long as she is. When we tried going for walks, she kept getting tangled up. It would be nice if there was a smaller version for small dogs.

Note from Leerburg: Thank you for the suggestion - we will look into a smaller version.

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Took my Mal about 4 seconds to gnaw almost clear through - wasted my $$$ and won't ever purchase another - please consider offering a chain version.

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