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Artificial Insemination Kit
Based on 6 reviews
$24.50 - $46.50

Artificial Insemination Kit

Based on 6 reviews
$24.50 - $46.50
  • May 2020 - Due to current COVID 19 supply shortages we are unable to include rubber gloves in AI kits until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Gloves
  • Tube of Lubricant
  • Insemination Tubes/Pipettes
  • End Cones/Sheaths
  • Centrifuge Tubes
  • Docking Rings
  • 10cc/small breed or 20cc/med-large breed Syringes
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Medium/Large Breed Kit

Small Breed Syringes

Medium/Large Breed Syringes

Small Breed Pipettes

Medium/Large Breed Pipettes


May 2020 - Due to current COVID 19 supply shortages we are unable to include rubber gloves in AI kits until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Each artificial insemination kit provides the materials for three inseminations. The materials are designed for one use only and should be disposed of to prevent future infections.

  • End cones/sheaths made primarily from a polyethylene plastic with a smooth, soft and flexible surface.
  • Insemination tubes/pipettes come in 5" and 10” lengths depending the size of the kit. They have a smooth plastic eyelet for easy insertion, reducing the risk for scratching and irritation. The other end holds an adapter for the syringe
  • Centrifuge tubes will hold up to 15 ml. If you think that your dog will produce more than 15 ml of sperm, it is suggested to purchase extra tubes.
  • Syringes will hold up to 20 cc.
  • Docking rings are made of a rubber material that forms a tight grip between the end cone and the centrifuge tube to prevent leaks.
  • Lubricant contains one fluid ounce of non-spermicidal jelly, which should accommodate 3 to 5 breedings.

It is suggested to perform between 2 and 4 inseminations to increase the chance of conception.

Kit Size Options

There are two kit sizes available:

  • 3 part kit with supplies for 3 insemination attempts
  • 6 part kit with supplies for 6 insemination attempts

The 3 part kit comes with 6 Gloves, 1 Tube of Lubricant, 3 Insemination Tubes/Pipettes, 6 End Cones/Sheaths, 3 Centrifuge Tubes, 3 Docking Rings, and 3 - 20cc Syringes

The 6 part kit comes with 12 Gloves, 2 Tubes of Lubricant, 6 Insemination Tubes/Pipettes, 12 End Cones/Sheaths, 6 Centrifuge Tubes, 6 Docking Rings, and 6 - 20cc Syringes

Breed Size Options

There are two breed sizes available:

  • Small breed kit (5” insemination tubes)
  • Medium/Large breed kit (10” insemination tubes)

If the distance to the uterus exceeds 4" to 5”, then you will need to purchase the Medium/Large breed AI kit.

Instructional DVD

For more information and further instruction on how to perform an insemination How to Artificially Inseminate Your Dog DVD is available for purchase. When you buy an AI kit from Leerburg, you can get the DVD for 50% off!


Do NOT use frozen sperm when performing an insemination.


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Further instructions can be found on our DVD, How to Artificially Inseminate Your Dog.

Bought this product?

These kits are great. I bought a kit that looked similar on Amazon, and the lube they sent out killed my dog's sperm. I'm only going to purchase AI kits from Leerburg now.

- on

This is the best kit I've ever used. The pipette is strong, sturdy and flexible... easy to guide it in and I love the quality of the sheaths and gloves. I've used other companies and stuck with this one. Love it and its very affordable for the quality.

- on

This kit is excellent. I have been breeding for over 25 years and this is the best available. I suggest you buy the DVD, which shows you exactly how to do it. I've had litters of 13 puppies using this AI kit. Of course, the most important thing is to time your female properly, don't blame the kit.

I have GERMAN shepherds and I use the large kit. You may use it to extract and ship the semen as well, but you need to get the shipping box elsewhere.

- on

Fast shipping, exactly what I needed. Shipped next day great. We already bought another kit. This is great for breeders it saves loads instead of going to the vet. We shipped all the way to california and everything turned out great.

- on

We're novices to this procedure, and am not sure whether it worked. As far as the kit itself, nicely put together, though no directions, yet pretty self-explanatory. I would purchase it again.

- on

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I was nervous attempting my very first AI, but after watching Leerburg's terrific DVD, I felt more comfortable. I ordered the small breed AI kits (for my little Dachshunds) and - WOW, beautiful litters every time! And our little Doxies are relaxed having it done here at home. SO quick and easy, thanks to Leerburg's DVD instruction and their superb AI kits!

- on

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