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Cleaning Your Dog's Ears

Here is our routine for cleaning a dog's ears:

1. Mix 50/50 vinegar and water
2. Fill a 20 to 50 CC syringe (without the needle on it)
3. Inject it into the ear - (not so fast that you would cause damage! Don't force it as so not to block the air that comes out or hard enough to damage the dogs ear drum!)
4. Massage it for 60 seconds
5. Clean the ear with cotton balls (not "Q" tips)
6. If the dog requires medications - put them in after this application

With dogs that seem to have constant ear problems - clean their ears at least once a week.


I have just been reading your articles and I have another recipe for ear cleaner. It is 8 parts liquid paraffin to 1 part benzyl benzoate. Both are easily obtained from a pharmacy. The liquid paraffin bring dirt out like you would not believe and the benzyl benzoate kills mites stone dead. It is safe and widely used on Spaniels ears by gun dog trainers in the UK.

Many Thanks,

Dear sire,

After spending about As $200 on Vet treatments for my Norfolk Spaniels brown, fungus, infected ear & my vet suggesting surgery to clean it out, I stumbled upon your web site on alternative treatment/home treatments.

Very enthused to relieve my dog of his discomfort I raided my medicine cupboard.

Came up with this mixture:

15mil Glycerine, 15 mil clean water, 6 drops of tea tree oil. Mix together & pour in ear, massage ear for 5 minutes, rinse well with luke warm water. Surprise! 2 weeks later the ear is still clean & pink.

If this is helpful to any one please pass it on.

Regards & thanks,
Bruce & Casey (my happy dog)

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