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I have a question on the leash pressure section in 'Focused Heeling'
My Catahoula Leopard Dog killed my Min Pin. What should I do?
My puppy is starting to lose bone mass at the front after being on a raw diet. My breeder recommends putting him on kibble until 6 months. What do you think?
My GSD won’t play with any of her toys, but only wants attention from me. How do I get her attention off of me and on her toys? Can I use food to train her?
Our two 9 month old dogs bark when we let them out in the morning. The neighbors are threatening legal action. What can we do?
My puppy is having his ears cropped and the vet prescribes Rimadyl for post surgical pain. Do you have a suggestion for pain medication instead of Rimadyl?

Recent Questions

I notice when I work with my dog and feed him with his head up high in the heel position, he eats the treat head down in order to swallow which breaks up our momentum. What am I doing wrong? Or how is that fixed?
We will be moving overseas to Japan (military) with our dog. Any tips in general and any favorite pet shippers?
Do any of your videos deal with building food drive in a dog that doesn’t have a great appetite?
I'm taking a Rally class and they recommended using a thin leash. I like the Leerburg Leather Leashes, so do you have a leash that would fit my needs?
What does it mean on the Keeper Collar page when it says to not 'try out'?
What do you suggest for training a 9 month old Lab who jumps on people when they first come in the house?




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