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Educator Stimulation Reducer
Based on 1 reviews
$14.00 $11.99

Educator Stimulation Reducer

Based on 1 review
$14.00 $11.99
  • Reduces stimulation by 50%
  • Great for reducing the stress on a sensitive dog
  • Can be used with any electric collar
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This stimulation reducer will reduce the stimulation by 50% and can be used with all electric collars.

When working at low levels of stimulation on electric collars, we’ve noticed that there is an inconsistent output rate--for example, levels 8, 9, and 10 may feel exactly the same to the dog, but level 11 will show a drastic increase in the stimulation output. The next time you use the collar, the drastic rise may be at level 10 instead. If you determined that your dog works well at level 10, and suddenly he is getting a much higher stimulation, it can be very disconcerting for the dog and highly stressful to very sensitive dogs.

This problem is not apparent at the higher levels of stimulation; higher levels are much more consistent in their output rates. The stimulation reducer will allow you to work at the higher levels (thus avoiding the problem), but the dog will only feel the low level of stimulation.

Bought this product?

I have a 4 yr old beauceron who is a bit if a barker and spinner in the crate. He also will chew the crate sides.

I teach classes professionally. Dog has to go with me to work but it was impossible to use more positive techniques while teaching. So I bought the Educator Pro 900 to help correct the barking, spinning, and chewing without disrupting my classes.

It was working great but my boy is sensitive to the collar. Very low stim was needed, under 10, which was making it very difficult to dial him in to the right level of stim.

THIS was the perfect answer!! I now have a lot more play with the levels. I now feel confident I could use the collar for finesse training. Before it was always too hot or too soft.

Now it's just right for my Goldilocks. So much more control.

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