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Directory of Information for Aggressive Dogs

If you have an interest in learning more about feeding a raw all-natural diet I suggest you start by reading the article Cindy wrote titled "Q&A on Feeding a Raw Diet."

The most important decision you will make in regard to your dogs health is what you feed your dog. Here at Leerburg Kennels we only feed an all-natural diet. This means we only feed fresh meat, vegetables and supplements. The nutrition section of my web site has a great deal of information. This page lists the articles, the DVD and books we sell on feeding your dog.

The All-Natural Dehydrated Dog Food Leerburg Sells
Honest Kitchen Dog Food
Naturopathic and Healthcare Products
Nutritional Supplements for Dogs
Leerburg All-Natural Dog Treats - we sell and use several different all-natural treats - we use some in certain scenarios and others in different ways.

Books for Nutrition & Health for Dogs and Cats
Give Your Dog a Bone
Grow Your Pups with Bones
Soft The Barf Diet
Natural Nutrition for Dogs & Cats
Give Your Dog A Bone
by Ian Billinghurst
Grow Your Pups With Bones
by Ian Billinghurst
The Barf Diet
by Ian Billinghurst
Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats
by Kymythy R. Schultze, C.N., C.N.C.
Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs By Lew Olson
Field Guide to Dog First Aid
Shock to the System
Raw Dog Food
Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs
by Lew Olson
Field Guide to Dog First Aid
by Randy Acker, D.V.M.
Shock to the System
by Catherine O'Driscoll
Raw Dog Food
by Carina Beth MacDonald
Vaccine Guide
for Dogs & Cats
The Allergy
Solution for Dogs
Vaccine Guide for Dogs & Cats
by Catherine J.M. Diodati, MA
The Allergy Solution for Dogs
by Shawn Messonnier, DVM

Articles on Feeding an All-Natural Diet to Your Dog


Feeding a Raw Diet Q&A By Cindy Rhodes

Articles on Feeding Dogs

An Extensive article and Q&A section by Cindy Rhodes from Leerburg Kennels on Feeding a a Raw Diet - a must read if you are considering an all-natural diet (which everyone should be)

All-Natural Diets for Dogs

A List of All-Natural Kibble Companies

Other Resources for Information on All-Natural Diets

Summary of Tufts University Study on the Effect of Dietary Protein on Dog Behavior

Dr. Tom Lonsdale's Diet Guide for Dogs and Cats


The Ground Work on Becoming Your Puppy's Pack Leader

Theory of Motivation in Dog Training

Theory of Corrections in Dog Training

Ed Frawley's Philosophy of Dog Training

Who Can Pet My Puppy?

Training Puppies Not to Bite

Train Your Dog with Markers

Introducing Dogs into Homes with Other Dogs

The Ground Work to Becoming a Pack Leader

Q&A on Feeding and Health

Q&A on Dog Food & Feeding Dogs and Puppies

Q & A on Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food

Q&A on Health

Q&A on Nutritional Supplements

Q&A on Raw Diets

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June 15, 2008

Love your website on it nearly everyday, I have a seventeen month old Rottweiler bitch who started being sick at nine months old - twice a day everyday, after trying different commercial dog foods, I went to my vet, she had numerous tests done including blood tests and knocked her out to put a camera into her stomach all came back clear. I decided to try a raw diet and she is doing brilliantly no more sickness and she is full of life the only problem I have is that her skin is flaky, I do give oily fish, vegetable oil and salmon oil her coat before although being sick was really shiny what am I doing wrong.

Best wishes,

I would like to thank you guys for giving me insight on the raw food diet that was explained by Cindy. I have been feeding my two German Shepherd dogs raw chicken and ground chuck beef. I no longer feed the dogs kibble dog food. Both of my dogs now have a lot more energy and there coats seem to shine a whole lot more. I purchased the raw food down at the local market at a good price. I just wanted to share the good news and your helpful information was put to very good use. Thank you once again and I will try different meat that, I am sure, the dogs will die for. Thank you.


I'm sure that you get dozens of emails every day so I'll try to keep this short. I just wanted to write and say thank you very much for the detailed information you provided in your e-book about raw food. Our dog Ripley, a 6 year old mixed breed labrador/cattle dog, has recently had a couple of small mast cell tumors removed, and some years ago we lost another beloved dog to a different type of cancer. Recently, I began reading up on cancer in dogs and it didn't take long for me to begin seriously questioning the quality of the commercial pet foods I'd been feeding our dogs and cats, and the role they may have played in our dogs' health problems.

The more I read, the more references I came across about a raw food diet, but I had many misgivings and concerns, as many people do, about salmonella, bones, etc. Reading your e-book gave me the confidence I needed to try switching Ripley to a raw food diet, and both my husband and I are completely astonished at the difference it has made in him in just a few weeks. It is as though he is reverting back to puppy-hood...he's begun initiating play again, has a TON more energy, and has a lot more stamina for longer runs, swimming, etc. His coat is glossy and he's finally dropping some weight. He LOVES the raw food and had absolutely no trouble switching to it, or handling the raw chicken bones, etc. He looks forward to every meal now, and if dogs wonder about such things, then I am sure that Ripley is trying to figure out just what he did that was so good as to deserve being switched over to such a wonderful new feeding regimen. I sure he joins me, in his own doggy way, in sending you his thanks as well.

Tolland, CT

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