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Ed Frawley

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All-Natural Kibble Companies

We feed an all-natural diet in our kennel. I have done so for years. I am often asked what all-natural kibble products are on the market. I have included a list below.

What I firmly believe is that almost ALL COMMERCIAL dog foods are unhealthy for your dog. By that I mean Iams, Science Diet, Eukanuba, Purina, Pro Plan etc. etc. etc. They are truly garbage dog foods. My reason for saying this is the subject of an entire article. But if you want to learn why I feel like this, read Martin Goldstein’s book (we sell it and it’s an excellent read).

The best dog food you can feed is one which you make yourself. I have written an articles on the subject and you can read them on my web site.

Here is an excellent article and Q&A section from Leerburg Kennels on Feeding a a Raw Diet - a must read if you're considering an all-natural diet (which everyone should be).

There is no question that our dogs should be fed food that is made from ingredients which are held to a higher standard than the industry has provided for the past 50 years. I believe if we love and respect our dogs than these standards should be the same as we hold for our family.

I also want to say that back when we fed kibble our young dogs got pano ( a very painful disease that's caused from growing too fast). Since switching to the raw diet we have not had one case of pano.

The list below contains commercial dog foods that only use human grade ingredients. They may cost a few cents more than Eukanuba or Science Diet but they are far healthier for your dog.

If you do one thing for the dog you love you should feed him the best quality food possible. It is probably the most important health decision you will ever make in the life of your dog.

Many of these companies will ship their food directly to your home. You will be amazed at the difference a quality food will make in the life of your pet. Their coats will be plush, they will have fewer allergies, less medical problems and they will have a much healthier personality.

No matter what you feed your dog you should ALWAYS include 100 units of vitamin E and a fish oil pill for every 20 pounds of body weight.

Dogs with allergy issues should not get any grains in their diet and they should get a fish oil pill for every 10 pounds of body weight. My older dogs get a large tablespoon of Grand Flex (a 99% glucosamine product) or liquid Syn-Flex.

Some people think that feeding an all-natural diet is a lot more expensive than feeding commercial kibble - this is not the case. You can go to almost any Wal-Mart super store and by chicken leg quarters for less than 50 cents per pound in 10 pound bags. A can of dog food costs 75 cents.

The last thing I MUST Say on this page is that anyone who finds themselves reading this is obviously interested in the health of their dog. So in addition to an all-natural diet the second most important think you can do for your dog is to NOT OVER VACCINATE your dog. DO NOT DO YEARLY VACCINATIONS !!!! They are not necessary and cause more allergy and health problems than than any health benefit the vaccine manufacturers and Vets claim. Read my article on vaccinosis.

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