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Dog Sports Fitness & Rehab KLIMB Dog Training Platform & Agility System
KLIMB Dog Training Platform & Agility System
Based on 3 reviews

KLIMB Dog Training Platform & Agility System

Based on 3 reviews
  • Leerburg's 1/4 inch Custom Rubber Mat for KLIMB Tables sold separately
  • Features PawGrip™ soft-touch coating that improves comfort and footing
  • QuiKonnect™ locking tab that allows you to securely create multi-unit platforms of virtually any size
  • Under-platform, recessed storage of legs for easy transport
  • Durable molded construction that is waterproof and completely washable
  • Includes 1 table & 4 detachable legs
  • 23″x23″x12″ high with legs
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The KLIMB™ was specifically designed to improve the relationship between you and your dog. Having a GREAT relationship with your dog makes them want to please you and makes training much easier! When implementing a KLIMB™ in your dog training, you are taking a big step in investing the time and energy to make a “good dog”.

Where did the concept of the KLIMB™ dog training platform come from? Dog training methods used by professionals often involve a “Place”, “Climb” or “Pause” command. The problem is that many times the command is associated with a mat or dog bed and the dog has a tendency to ‘creep’ out of position. A platform is a more effective training tool than a bed or a mat, as it keeps the dog in position. The platform takes advantage of a dog’s natural tendency to seek a higher vantage point. Being elevated requires more focus and defines boundaries. Most dog training platforms tend to be heavy and bulky to accommodate larger breeds. Or they have a number of parts and require time consuming assembly. Or they’re difficult to clean and cumbersome to transport.

While the KLIMB™ is designed as a dog training platform for everything from basic obedience to freestyle training, professional trainers and groomers love the fact that it is expandable (units interlock to form whatever platform size is needed), stackable (when assembled AND for compact storage) and fully self-contained. The legs are easily removed and lock into place flush with the KLIMB’s bottom surface. When it’s time to clean up, the KLIMB™ is waterproof and washes clean with any pet-safe cleaner. That makes it great for grooming, too!

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Customer submitted image

I've purchased 4 of these for my dog training program and absolutely love them! I love the way they are extremely sturdy, click together, and stack. The uses for these platforms are endless. The only downside to this product is the price per unit; holy cow! But there is nothing else on the market quite like these which is why I continue to endorse them.

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Customer submitted image

These Klimb beds are really well made. They are extremely durable, great for all sizes, and easy to clean. I also like that the legs easily detach and can you can store the bed just about anywhere.

I use these every day for training and would highly recommend!

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Verified Customer Review

Initially, I was skeptical about the price of the Klimb but after using them at a training class I decided to take the plunge and purchased several of these. I use them every day for training, having my dogs hang out in the house and for grooming. All my dogs love the Klimb so getting their nails done while they sit up there has made pedicure day much less stressful for all of us. They are easy to transport so when we go to grandma's house it's easy to bring them along. As budget allows, I will purchase more.

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