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Leerburg's 1/4 inch Custom Rubber Mat for KLIMB Tables
Based on 1 reviews

Leerburg's 1/4 inch Custom Rubber Mat for KLIMB Tables

Based on 1 review
  • Custom made for the KLIMB.
  • Made of rubber
  • 23" x 23", 1/4" thick
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Leerburg produces these no-slip 1/4 inch rubber mats that fit perfectly on the Klimb tables we sell. Our mats offer excellent traction for dogs that fly up onto the Klimb table. Our mats are made in the USA.

The mats can be used inside our outside and are not affected by the sun. The mats can be hosed down when dirty and are strong enough to resist chewing (although no product is 100% chew proof).

The Klimb company does sells mats but their mats are three times thinner than ours. They are close to the thickness of a inner tube for your car. (less than 3/16th inch) . That's just not sturdy enough.

Leerburg uses these mats in both of our training facilities.

Bought this product?

These rubber mats are great if you have a fast dog that slides off the Klimb. It also helps for dogs that are hesitant to jump up because of slipping. I put a little bit of two sided tape under my mat to keep it in place when I move the Klimbs around in my training room. I definitely recommend these mats!

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