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Leashes Amish Leather Leashes 3/4 inch K9 Dual Purpose 6 Ft Leash with Handle
3/4 inch K9 Dual Purpose 6 Ft Leash with Handle
Based on 8 reviews

3/4 inch K9 Dual Purpose 6 Ft Leash with Handle

Based on 8 reviews
  • 3/4" wide
  • Has a free-floating ring and a large ring attached to the handle
  • Amish hand-crafted with latigo leather
  • High-quality stainless steel snaps
  • Snaps are sewn and riveted for extra security
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The Leather Dual Purpose K9 leash is a multipurpose product, which can service dog handlers in various settings: Standard, Rescue, Martingale, Dominant Dog.

These leashes are 3/4” wide and Amish handmade. Located at the handle is a large ring, similar to our belt leash, but large enough for the entire clasp and leash to pass through. Along the line is an additional ring, or the free-floating ring.

These leashes are often used in rescue and shelter circumstances. The leash can be converted into a slip lead, relieving the stress and fuss of a collar.


Leerburg leather products are works of art.

The cow hides used to make all of Leerburg's leather are hand selected for Leerburg before tanning. We need and use the thickest hides available. Our hides go through over 85 steps in a tanning process that takes over a month. There are many types of Latigo leather that are made in Mexico, India, or Pakistan, but none can compare to the quality of Leerburg’s Latigo leather.

Once tanned, our Leerburg Leather is delivered to the Amish family that crafts our leather products right here in Wisconsin. This family has been making all of our leather products for the past 20 years.

These 5 Amish craftsmen hand cut, sew, pop-rivet, and tailor all of our leather products. We have yet to come across another leather product that measures up to our products' quality.

In 2015, we switched from using brass or bronze hardware to stainless steel. Stainless Steel is stronger and lasts a lifetime. You can go and find a cheaper leather product somewhere else, but the quality will not measure up to our products.

100% of Leerburg leather products are made in Wisconsin. We don't use leather from India, Pakistan, or Mexico.


Our Amish leather products are made with American-made leather that is stained using natural oils and dyes. There is a possibility that some color may transfer from leather products. We recommend that you use discretion when using this product with lighter colored clothing.

Please keep in mind when ordering that all of our leather leashes are handmade. We try to be as exact as possible with the sizes and colors, but variances do occur.

It should go without saying that no leather leash should ever be used as a tie-out. Dog's can chew through any leather leash if you allow them to. Our leashes are not warrantied to be CHEW PROOF.

Bought this product?

Absolutely best leash available. I made a similar one many years ago for my K9GSD so when I saw the video I just had to have this for my Aussie. It worked perfectly. I oiled it before wet weather and took good care of it. It was soft an flexible and enabled us to go everywhere. Since I had tried many street useful commands having two handles made walking even in heavy traffic very easy. . Definitely will purchase another .

- on

This is my second favorite leash. The first is the Police Leash from Leerburg. These leashes wear so nice and the leather becomes so soft to the touch it’s great when I get it wrapped around my leg and it doesn’t hurt. They also come in handy to shorten the leash for city walks or a quick tie up. Unfortunately I’m back looking for another because someone decided they liked the looks of this leash today at the beach and helped themselves to it!! So sad.

- on

Awesome leash! Great craftsmanship. Stitching and snap hook is heavy duty. The 2 added rings come in handy.

- on

Verified Customer Review

Vary durable. I keep one in my car for emergencies.

- on

One of the best leather leashes you can have. I purchased the black Leather 6 feet dual purpose K9 leash and I’m 100% satisfied. I have been breeding working line German Shepherds for the last 3 years and these leashes are great for the work with the dogs.

Definitely one of Leerburg’s high quality products.

- on

I have purchased the brown 6ft Duel Purpose K9 Leash. It is one of the most beautiful, handy leashes I have ever owned. It's a quick collar, it's a belt when you don't need it, you can secure the dog quickly. I'm just impressed beyond words. The snap looks small at first until you use the leash and you can see, it slides through the rings and thus, is very adaptable to any situation that calls for a leash. What a superb training tool.

- on

This lead is lovely, soft thick leather, very comfortable to hold with the added advantage of the extra ring which easily turns it into a slip lead, I would not buy a lead from anywhere else.

Thank you,

- on

I absolutely LOVE this leash!! I work in rescue and many dogs that we find as strays either don't have a collar on or won't let you lean over them to snap a normal leash onto them. Using a slip leash is essential in our work. This leash gives you the best of both worlds! You basically have 2 leashes in one. I keep the leash in my car for any emergencies that come up, and have used it many times.

- on

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