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DVDs & CDs Obedience Training Managing Dogs In The Home DVD
Managing Dogs In The Home DVD
Based on 0 reviews

Managing Dogs In The Home DVD

Based on 0 reviews
Managing Dogs In The Home DVD Cover Art
  • 2 hours, 59 minutes long
  • Released Spring 2016
  • Instructor: Ed Frawley
  • Also available as a self-study online course! CLICK HERE to sign up!
  • Immediate streaming access when purchased with Leerburg account
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Leerburg dog training is available in 3 formats:
  1. DVDs
  2. Video on demand
  3. Online courses

Leerburg video on demand and online courses both have instant access that never expire. Video on demand has a "notes" feature that allows viewers to pause the video at any point and create a personal note. Whenever they come back to the video they can see their list of notes, and then can click on any note and the video will start from the point that note was created. Viewers can create an unlimited number of notes.


This DVD will teach people how to live with and manage their dog or multiple dogs in their home. Cindy and I live with five house dogs: two Belgian Malinois, a Border Terrier, an Australian Cattle Dog, and a Shih Tzu. The last two are puppies that are seven months and one year old (as of April 2016).

When the average person buys a dog, they think that taking their dog to an eight week obedience class is going to teach that dog to be a calm, friendly, submissive member of the family, but the fact is that nothing could be further from the truth. We can bring a totally untrained dog into our home and through proper management, teach that dog how we expect it to act in our home.

The goal of this DVD is to show new dog owners how we live with our five dogs. We will show people how we mold our dogs, by controlling the environment we put them in and then controlling their behavior once they are in a new environment. We hope that students will walk away from this course with enough new ideas to have a road map to accomplish the same thing.

While all five of our dogs are are now calm and quiet in our home, had our two Malinois gone to inexperienced dog owners they would probably been put to sleep before they reached twelve months of age. Lucky for them, they came to us and were raised in our program.

What's the difference between this course, the DVD, and the stream?

DVD: 2 hours, 59 minutes (physical copy and immediate streaming access)

Stream: 2 hours, 59 minutes, lifetime access, stream from anywhere

Online Course: 69 videos (221 minutes), additional text content, discussion board, lifetime access, stream from anywhere


  1. How we manage our five dogs in our home
  2. The tools we use to manage our dogs
  3. How we manage our dogs on walks, when they meet people, bikes and other on and off leash dogs
  4. How we introduce a new dog into our home with our other dogs
  5. How we manage our dogs when we have guests
  6. How we manage our dogs and our office cats
  7. How we manage our dogs when they are around children
  8. How we handle our dogs when they ride in our vehicles
  9. How we manage our dogs when we meet other off-leash dogs
Equipment used in this dvd
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