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Q&A on Puppy Training
We have 4 month old male German Shorthairs. We currently crate them together but are wondering if and when we should move them into seperate crates.
My 10 month old dog doesn't seem to bark or alert us when people walk up to the gate. I would like her to give us a warning when people approach. Maybe 10 months is still too young? I was wondering if this is trainable.
On your website you recommend not letting strangers pet or give treats to your dog so that the owner becomes the center of the dog's world (engagement); and so that the dog doesn't see strangers as sources of treats. However, almost universal in the description of the Doberman breed is the need for early and extensive socialization. Can you clear up this point for us?
When my pup and I are playing, he sometimes bites and when I stenly say NO. He stops but then "talks back" barking and moaning. I have to say NO 2 more times for that to stop. What would be the reason he is doing this? And how can I correct the attitude he gets when I tell him No?
Our 7 month old pup bites my husband's legs when we put the kids to bed. How can I fix this?
I tried to teach my dog a marker for "slow" on loose leash walks. I think he is now doing it on purpose to get the food. Are my assumptions correct in saying this will not work? Or am I impatient?
I am in the process of buying a pup. I've been informed that the pup is long haired. Can I still show and breed her?
My puppy will be about 6 pounds when I get him, what size crate should I get? Can I get a medium sized crate and put something in it to take up extra space while he's young and remove it when he gets to be big?
My dog is now 10 months old and her one ear is still flopping, I keep re-taping her ear but I'm about ready to give up. Is it to late for her?
I got a new dog and he is trying to eat both dogs' food. Should there be a 'head' dog when it comes to feeding? Should they be fed together or separate? At the same time, same area or one first then the next? Which dog should be the dominant one? How can I help the dogs get along better?
I just got a 5 month old puppy. Is it to early in our relationship or for her age to start obediance training?
My puppy starts barking at us when we are working on basic commands, could we be doing something wrong? He also makes a huge mess when he eats. Any suggestions?
Do you think you will ever make a DVD that helps you introduce the 'Ellis Method' to an already trained adult dog?
My dog minds when he has a prong collar on, but not when it is off. Do I need an electric collar?
When should I start pack structure with a puppy?
What can you tell me about desensitizing my puppy to dogs barking? It's the biggest stress for him. Could this be a bad, early warning sign of something in his temperament?
My 15 week old puppy gets diarrhea when I give her hot dogs or other treats. What can I give her?
My 10 month old dog is destroying the back yard. I dont have the time or money for obedience classes. What can I do?
What age can a puppy climb stairs? Also how much running inside the house can they do? We let our puppy and cat chase a laser light and its great exercise.
My 6 month old puppy has starting running toward me at top speed and bounces off of me. I try a leash pop but it doesnt help. What is this strange new behavior?

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