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Most Popular Questions - Users Found These Most Helpful
My son likes to play with our German Shepherd puppy but she’s always biting him. What is appropriate play interaction between a 10 year old boy and a puppy?
We are dog sitting a young intact female pit bull and she is very playful. When the other dogs don’t want to play and snap at her she attacks them. Do you have any advice?
My son tried to adopt a dog from a GSD rescue and when the lady at the rescue saw my son's other dog wearing a prong collar she asked us to leave and told us she would have him banned from every rescue organization in the nation. Are prong collars really considered that bad?
I’m trying to teach my dog to respond to backward leash pressure and he always sits and doesn’t back up. Do you have any advice?
My 8 month old GSD has suddenly become destructive! Is this normal?
How do I get my dog to use the doggie door? She’s afraid of it.
Our puppy is very, very mouthy. It grabs my kids, my arms, my pants. What should I do to stop this?
I’m watching the video Power of Training Dogs with Food and I see Michael luring the dog but I don’t hear him say “sit”. Am I missing something?
My dog just had puppies. She seems perfectly normal besides having constant diarrhea. Any suggestions on how to make it go away or what might be wrong?
At what age should a Schutzhund puppy be introduced to burlap?
My dog is excited and reactive to most dogs when she’s on lead, she wants to say “hi”. No one has been able to help me eliminate this behavior completely, do you have any advice?
What are the concerns in adding a 3rd dog to a family?
The prong collar is rubbing on my dog's fur creating a fur divot. What can I do to fix this?
Is there any correlation between excessive panting and a raw diet?
My 11 month old GSD lays down on the ground and refuses to get up when it's time to get in the car. Today she mouthed me hard when I tried to pick her up. Help!
My 3 month old puppy is lunging at my face and redirecting doesn't work. She also jumps at the side of her ex pen constantly. I'm raising this puppy for protection and schutzhund. Nothing I do is making a lasting impact, suggestions?
Will the bark collar shock my dog when he drinks water or chews on a bone?
My dog is very dominant and aggressive but has made a lot of progress these past 6 months. Recently, he seems to be going backwards again. Suggestions?
I wanted to learn how to teach Schutzhund to my dog, but am having many problems trying to bond with him? Any suggestions?
My dog has been fear biting ever since an incident while traveling by plane. I don't want to do anything that will cause more damage, what do you suggest?


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