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Most Popular Questions - Users Found These Most Helpful
Why does your webpage say that you think neutering is bad for a dog's health? Shame on you!
My dog has low food drive, a sensitive stomach and zero toy drive. I need to build engagement and I’m hoping one of your videos will help.
I have a two month old puppy that has no treat or enough toy drive, thus I can't do luring, crate training, etc. Any advice please?
At what age do you start introducing leash pressure to a puppy? And what equipment do you use?
My 14 month old German Shepherd is usually very playful. About 6 weeks ago we moved and his behavior has changed. He has become cranky and has even snapped at my son. I corrected him strongly and now he just goes in his crate and sleeps. I don’t think he’s sick. Did I break our bond?
My dog is excited and reactive to most dogs when she’s on lead, she wants to say “hi”. No one has been able to help me eliminate this behavior completely, do you have any advice?
If I do protection sports (Schutzhund/IGP) with my German Shepherd is it going to make him aggressive to strangers? He’s currently a very friendly dog and I don’t want to ruin that.
Do you have any advice on working with dog reactivity with dogs that WANT to get to the other dog vs ones that are uncomfortable and want space?
My husband is a police officer and we have a female GSD who he has been training. She seems to be fixated on the cats, would you correct her for simply looking at the cat?
My dog just had puppies. She seems perfectly normal besides having constant diarrhea. Any suggestions on how to make it go away or what might be wrong?
My dogs won't touch the chicken leg quarters unless I use my cleaver to chop them into manageable pieces, is this a problem? Is calve's liver a fair source of organ meat a couple times a week?
I just adopted a 1 year old male German Shepherd and am wondering if the Basic Obedience course is right for me or if I should be looking at a different course.
I want to use a prong collar on my dog but I'm worried I'll never be able to switch him back to a flat buckle collar after I use it. Is it possible to easily make this transition?
Our one year old Golden Retriever has a tendency to get very aggressive. I've been bitten a number of times as have 2 of my children. Help!
What is the best sequence to train using the Michael Ellis DVDs?
My dog bit me & tore my lip and a couple months ago she bit my daughter in the lip. She isn’t a biter so I thought maybe she smelled other dogs on our clothing. She seems sad after each event.
My boyfriend has a GSD that has bitten 2 people. This dog growls and shows his teeth at me everyday. My boyfriend says the dog does this because I don’t give him love and attention. The dog won’t listen to either of us and does what he wants. Help!
How do I get my dog to bring the tug back to me after I let him have it?
I have been working on the retrieve and the send away and now when I throw the dumbbell, my female runs out and touches it (like the send away) and wants to come back for her tug reward without the dumbbell. Any input would be appreciated.
I'm considering removing my dog's teeth so he doesn't have to always wear a muzzle. What would you advise?


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