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Most Popular Questions - Users Found These Most Helpful
I trained my dog to be a personal protection dog. He has bit 6 of my friends. What should I do? I don't want to put him down.
How do I get my dog to stop barking every time someone passes my apartment door?
My 17 month old dog has travel anxiety, can I use an e-collar to help this?
My 14 month old German Shepherd is usually very playful. About 6 weeks ago we moved and his behavior has changed. He has become cranky and has even snapped at my son. I corrected him strongly and now he just goes in his crate and sleeps. I don’t think he’s sick. Did I break our bond?
At what age should a Schutzhund puppy be introduced to burlap?
After watching a the Pack Structure DVD, I have a few crate training questions. What do you recommend?
Our 9 week old Malinois puppy lies down or bites the leash when we try to get him to walk with us. The more we pull the more aggravated the situation gets. Your advice would be appreciated.
When my dog gets scared, he bites. We've trained him, but we can't make up for his first two years of abuse. What if we removed some/all of his teeth?
My dog has either become protective of the house or scared about people coming into the house and barks at them. Do you have any suggestions for additional training to help?
I had to put my dog to sleep today. He had bitten several people. It was a very difficult decision to make.
How can I improve my dog's food drive and motivation?
Our new puppy has a bladder infection. We don't want him to think it's ok to go potty in the house but we understand his situation right now. What should we do?
My 4 year old dog is going to the bathroom in the house. We lived with my parents and their dog urinated in the house so my dog would mark his territory wherever the other dog went. He also used to go on pads at night based on our vet recommending this. Friends have said this is his way of getting back at me for moving to a new home. I'm getting frustrated and now I have a baby on the way so I don't want him doing this anymore. Please help me!
My 8 month old Rottie growls at me when I try and take his toy away. What should I do?
I have 2 puppies and they sleep in their crates all night without accidents. During the day they do not tell me when they need to go out even though I’ve put bells on the door for them to ring. What am I missing?
Should we allow our 4 month old GSD puppy access to water while he’s crated during the day while we are gone?
My dog became spooked by a judge at a show and is now fear aggressive towards all men. Can this be fixed? Will any of your DVDs help?
My client has a 12 week old Golden Retriever that growls a lot when she plays with her toys. Do you have any suggestions?
My 6 month old puppy gets very excited and lunges at other dogs when I go to our local pet store. I want him to not be so wild when he sees other dogs, I would appreciate advice.
My son has a laser light and my 10 month old dog loves chasing the light. Now she's constantly looking for lights and shadows all the time. Is there a way to train her out of this?


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