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Ed & Cindy's Recommended Questions
My 14 month old German Shepherd is usually very playful. About 6 weeks ago we moved and his behavior has changed. He has become cranky and has even snapped at my son. I corrected him strongly and now he just goes in his crate and sleeps. I don’t think he’s sick. Did I break our bond?
When using an electric collar is it OK to have other collars on my dog?
I have a 9 month old cockapoo that is almost house trained but recently he’s been jumping up on my couch or bed and urinating. Is this dominance or insecurity?
How much will it cost to train my puppy?
Every time I give my German Shepherd a bone to chew on he gets diarrhea. Can you suggest something for him to chew on that won’t upset his stomach?
My dog barks ferociously at anyone passing my car when I'm not present. I'm considering a bark collar but I don't want to inhibit his protective instincts. Suggestions would be appreciated.
My young adult dog is targeting the end of the hard sleeve where the jute has no area of hard casing under it. Is there a way to soften a hard sleeve?
My dog gets stressed out when we need to handle him for flea treatments or baths, do you have any advice?
I just adopted a 1 year old male German Shepherd and am wondering if the Basic Obedience course is right for me or if I should be looking at a different course.
Does the Heeler's Toolbox course address the challenges presented training small dogs? I have a 10 lb Bichon.
I have 2 German Shepherds and my female is scared of the male. She hides and barks when he is out. Any tips?
Do you have a video specifically for the job of the handler in protection training?
Our brother-in-law does Schutzhund with his German Shepherd and when we visit he asks us to ignore the dog and not pet it. We are dog lovers and it feels wrong for me to treat the dog as though I don't want to pet it. What is your opinion on how we should treat this dog?
I'm getting a pup from a breeder and just found out the pups have diarrhea & one pup died. Should I be worried about getting a puppy from this litter?
My son has a laser light and my 10 month old dog loves chasing the light. Now she's constantly looking for lights and shadows all the time. Is there a way to train her out of this?
What do you suggest for preventative ear cleaning for a dog that swims?
I recently watched the Dr. Becker video about early spay & neuter and had some additional questions.
What's the shipping stress on a new puppy? I'm getting an 8 week old German Shepherd by air.
My 1 1/2 year old Shih Tzu tied with my male 3 times over the last 2 days, does this mean she'll have a large litter?
What online course would be right for my dog?


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