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Q&A on Puppy Biting/Chewing
My client has a 12 week old Golden Retriever that growls a lot when she plays with her toys. Do you have any suggestions?
My 8 month old Rottie growls at me when I try and take his toy away. What should I do?
How should I react to my 5 month old puppy who bites and growls at me when I correct him with a verbal "nope"?
I have an eleven month old German Shepherd female that chews everything imaginable in our yard and now has an obstruction. What kind of muzzle can I get to stop her from chewing?
Our 7 month old pup bites my husband's legs when we put the kids to bed. How can I fix this?
We have a 14-week-old puppy who bites at hands and ankes. Because of his size I feel thinkgs are on the verge of getting out of hand. What else would you suggest we do?
My 8 month old dog chews on the car. What can I do?
My 80 lb Labradoodle puppy chews and eats any items he can find, including his harness. I want to train him to be a service dog, but I need a chew proof harness. I’ll buy whatever you suggest. Thanks.
My son has a 4-month-old GSD that snaps or bites often. Should this be acceptable considering his age or should it be corrected?
My 18 week puppy loves to chew shoes and especially boots. I have some ideas, but I don't know if I would be setting him up for failure? I would love to know your thoughts.
My 6 month old bites me when I put on his leash, what can I do?
My 13 week old puppy is a dominant/aggressive dog. We are going to get him neutered next week, will that help? When can I start using the dominant dog collar on him?
Is there a collar and leash you can recommend that my puppy won’t chew off?
My 14 week old puppy has a biting problem. I’m trying to figure out if this is aggression or prey drive. Do you have any suggestions?
My pup has a serious temper when she is playing. What should I do?
I have a 5-month-old shepherd who is so persistent in chewing on me! What would you recommend at this stage in training?
We have a 3 1/2 month old rat terrier mix. While it seems we have broken her of her
I have a 7 month old miniature english bulldog who needs to constantly chew something. I have tried several items and am wondering what else I could try?
We are having problems with our puppy biting things. He usually stops when we tell him but gets back at it shortly. Any suggestions?
I have a pup that likes to bite at me when I try to correct her or even when I'm trying to groom her. What do you suggest I do?


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