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Q&A on Marker Training
What online course would be right for my dog?
Do you think marker training can be used to rehabilitate fearful feral dogs?
I am interested in purchasing the Training the Retrieve Michael Ellis DVD. If I am not familiar with marker training, will I need to to buy 2 DVDs?
We were wondering whether we should use Yes or the clicker to mark. Which do you feel is the better tool in the long run?
How do I wean a dog from a raised target or touch pad to a flat target?
I'm having a lot of fun training my dog with your marker DVD. Will he be as responsive if we're out and about and I don't have a treat with me or he's not hungry?
How do you get a dog to settle down in the house when you aren't training? My dog paces and whines in the house, I can't find the off switch.
I have some questions after watching the new Power of Training with Food.
Can I give my puppy (who is learning marker training) a treat at an odd time without saying YES? In other words, Does she have to hear the word YES come out of my mouth before she receives a treat?
When I’m walking my puppy and it’s time to turn for home he plants himself and refuses to budge. Using marker training methods do I correct him, drag him, lure him, formally call him, or what? I don’t want to have a fear motivated dog, what should I do?
My mom’s GSD has a lot of behavioral issues and is teetering on the edge of needing a new home. I’m frustrated with her, can you suggest some specific DVDs?
My rescue dog runs agility for me very well, everywhere EXCEPT for the training center where I train. She will play with me and heel but she won’t do obstacles. She's very sensitive and will act like she's crushed if I use a negative marker. Any advice would be appreciated.
I am teaching my puppy to go in the kennel by throwing a treat inside and giving a kennel command. Now I'm trying to transition to giving the command and then rewarding the behavior with a marker/treat, but now the dog won't go inside first and keeps staring at the treat. Where did I go wrong here?
When I try to touch or interact with my dog, she gets extremely wiggly and tries to lick me constantly. Should I just take her to the vet or groomer to get her nails trimmed? Or will marker training go faster than I think?
I'm getting a new puppy and I'll have lots of time to spend with him. How much time should I spend on training each day as he grows up?
My dog is completely disengaged with me. Where should I start to retrain him?
I have a stray dog that I want to do some clicker training with and he screams and tries to hide when he hears the click. Do you have any suggestions for a quieter clicker?
Can a dog be reconditioned to enjoy working through marker training if its previous owner used compulsion training?
I want to start marker training, which DVDs should I get? And what can I be doing until I get them?
My 8 month old Rottie growls at me when I try and take his toy away. What should I do?

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