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I have a very protective dog and I want him to turn off his protective behavior when we show him a visitor is welcome. Do you offer any videos on this subject?
I’m watching the video Power of Training Dogs with Food and I see Michael luring the dog but I don’t hear him say “sit”. Am I missing something?
My son likes to play with our German Shepherd puppy but she’s always biting him. What is appropriate play interaction between a 10 year old boy and a puppy?
We are dog sitting a young intact female pit bull and she is very playful. When the other dogs don’t want to play and snap at her she attacks them. Do you have any advice?
How do I get my dog to use the doggie door? She’s afraid of it.
I’m trying to teach my dog to respond to backward leash pressure and he always sits and doesn’t back up. Do you have any advice?
I’m getting a new puppy and I have a question about teaching the puppy that I own his food. Should I be able to take away food at anytime?
My 8 month old GSD has suddenly become destructive! Is this normal?
I have a couple of questions in reference to using a clicker and having a set schedule and outline for training my pup.
Do you have any videos on how to phase out treats while training?
I already own the video Raising Your Puppy with Michael Ellis and I’m interested in the 5 day Puppy Development workshop. Can I audit this course before buying to make sure I am not paying for content I already have?
I adopted a GSD a few months ago and I’m interested in protection sports. What do you do if a dog shows it’s unsuited for a specific sport like IPO/IGP?
Should I correct my 17 month old dog with the remote collar for anxiety in the car?
I’m working on a formal retrieve and my dog shows no interest in taking the PVC pipe or wooden dowel. Any suggestions?
Can I train my adult German Shepherd rescue to stay in an ex-pen?
I took my puppy to a group class and I had a hard time getting her attention. At what point should I practice obedience in a group setting?
My 15 week old puppy has developed a chewy grip on the jute puppy sleeve. At 10 weeks old he would grip very well. How can I resolve this?
I’m getting a Malinois puppy soon, what do you recommend for socialization with other dogs?
My 10 month old dog won’t bring the tug back when we play, he flops down and holds it between his paws. Do you have any advice?
Does the Basic Obedience Course go into how to practice the skills being taught -- when, how much, how long, etc.?


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