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Leerburg's Rescue Program

Get 3 Months FREE Unlimited Access
To Qualified Rescues


  • Must be a 501c3 non-profit
  • Must have a rescue website
  • Must be a verifiable rescue

Qualifying Rescues will be given an access code that can be used with an unlimited number of clients during this 3 month period. After three months, the rescue’s access code will change. That code can then be used by clients for a 25% discount on buying the course. We refund $10.00 back to the rescue for every client that buys the course using that coupon code.

Our goal is to educate new dog owners on how to manage a new dog in their home. At the same time, we want to reduce the number of dogs returned to rescues.


The Leerburg instructor for “From the Rescue to the Home” is JJ Belcher. JJ is a professional dog trainer in Tuscan, AZ. JJ has been involved in and helped dog rescues for over 20 years.


If you have any questions or are interested in signing up, you can email us directly at Please include the name and address of the participating rescue/shelter, contact name, email, and phone number.


Module 1 - What is a Rescue Dog

  • Segment 1 - The Journey Begins
  • Segment 2 - Before You Adopt
  • Segment 3 - Preparing Your Home

Module 2 - Introducing Your New Dog to its Forever Home

  • Segment 1 - Potty Training
  • Segment 2 - Introducing Your New Dog to a Crate
  • Segment 3 - Introducing Your New Dog to Other Pets
  • Segment 4 - Introducing Your New Dog to the Car and Travel

Module 3 - The Art of Communicating with Your Dog

  • Segment 1 - Basic Obedience
  • Segment 2 - Play Time
  • Segment 3 - Real World Training

Module 4 - Behavior Modifications

  • Segment 1 - Separation Anxiety
  • Segment 2 - Destructive Behaviors
  • Segment 3 - Barking
  • Segment 4 - Resource Guarding
  • Segment 5 - Fearful and Shy Dogs

Module 5 - Health and Maintenance

  • Segment 1 - Preparing for a Vet Visit
  • Segment 2 - Preparing for the Groomer
  • Segment 3 - Dog Diet

Module 6 - People, Places, & Things

  • Segment 1 - Dogs and Kids
  • Segment 2 - Introducing Your Dog to New Environments
  • Segment 3 - Dogs and Vehicles
  • Segment 4 - Dog Parks & Off-Leash Walks

Module 7 - In Closing

Module 8 - Rescue Stories

Note for Rescues/Shelters

Checks will be distributed quarterly. There will be a $100 minimum required (10 courses) before a check is administered at the end of the quarter. If you happen to fall below the $100 minimum, the amount will be carried over to the next quarter until you do reach the $100 minimum.