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Muzzles Wire Basket Muzzle
Wire Basket Muzzle
Based on 17 reviews
$42.00 - $75.25 $29.99 - $75.25

Wire Basket Muzzle

Based on 17 reviews
$42.00 - $75.25 $29.99 - $75.25
  • Sizing Chart Below
  • Excellent airflow
  • Leather straps
  • Leather and felt nose bands prevent chaffing
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How to size a muzzle.

Muzzle A

Muzzle AA

Muzzle D

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Muzzle I

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Muzzle M

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Our Wire Basket muzzles are an excellent option for anyone interested in managing dogs who may have the potential or a history of biting. These muzzles are a great option for dogs who need to wear a muzzle for an extended period of time as they allow maximum air flow as well as allow dogs to easily drink through. They are made of a heavy-duty chrome which is durable and dependable. We offer a wide range of sizes and shapes of wire basket muzzles that allows you to choose a muzzle that best fits your dog.


Sizing your muzzle is not simple. It is important to take the time do do it correctly in addition to condition your dog to wearing the muzzle correctly. This cannot be emphasized enough.

There are several things you need to know about sizing a muzzle for your dog:

  1. The muzzle should not touch the front of your dogs nose or snout the best option is to select a size 1/2 inches longer than the noise length. If the muzzle is too long it could be pushed back on the dogs face and obstruct his line of vision.
  2. The muzzle's circumference must be larger than your dog's "nose circumference." We recommend between one and three inches larger than your dog's measurement. If the muzzle is the exact same size as your dog's nose, the dog won't be able to pant. It is very important that you give your dog enough room to pant while wearing the muzzle.

Additional Resources

For help in learning how to size your dog for a wire basket muzzle, we have an instructional video here and a written article here that go into greater detail.

Confirming the FIT on your dog :

With the muzzle on the dog.

Pull the muzzle out and down

Pull the muzzle out and up

If at some point the muzzle comes off, it’s either too loose or too big. The muzzle should fit comfortably and allow the dog to pant and bark. We also like to be able to pass food rewards to a dog in a muzzle.


Muzzle Dimensions

This chart below is not breed or dog specific. The chart lists the actual sizes measurements for specific leerburg models. When selecting a model for your dog you will need a muzzle that is 1/2 longer than your dogs actual measurement and (for large dogs) 2 to 3 inches bigger around than your dogs actual measurement.


Select a model with a length that is 1/2 inch longer than your dogs actual snout measurement.


Select a model that is bigger around in circumference than what your dogs actual muzzle measurement is. With larger breeds we recommend 2 to 3 inches larger than your dogs actual measurement, less for small breed dogs.

If you are still unsure of the size to choose, measure your dog then call our office at (715) 235-6502 and we will do our best to help you decide the best style and size of muzzle for your dog.

Leerburg Muzzle Model Model LengthsModel Circumferences
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Customer submitted image

I had been searching for a muzzle for my large Boston Terrier for a very long time and had no luck finding reputable sites that sell that type of muzzle. I had known about Leerburg for a while but didn't know they sold such a variety of sizes. The muzzle shipped very fast and was a reasonable price as well. When i received it i had to make a few extra holes in the neck strap with a leather hole punch but it was no big deal. The muzzle is a little too large but thats what i expected, it stays on perfectly and serves its purpose rather well.

- on

Verified Customer Review

I had a very old and territorial boxer. When my boyfriend and I combined households he would attempt to eat his labs, who were so sweet and defenseless against his size. A police dog trainer friend recommended this to me as a humane way for my dog to wear and get him used to the labbies. He HATED this (he was used to being my spoiled baby) but it worked wonderfully. He wore it when they were all together and learned quickly that on "breaks" he would stay out longer and longer if he was showing no aggression towards his new sisters. Within a few weeks, we only muzzled him if we had to leave them out together while we were gone. Within months, we didn't even need to do this at all. This was several years ago and my boxer was 13 when he left us, but was actually sweet towards his sisters. We now have another boxer and a rottweiler that want to be aggressive and territorial. So we are buying them each one. The labs, who are still with us, are sweet and non aggressive. We are going back with this model because they can eat, drink, pant and PLAY with them on. These are NOT pretty to look at, they actually look cruel. But they are the best training tool I have ever ran across. They are the most humane way to control biters that I have ever seen. THANK YOU for a great product. We are placing an order for 2 of these today.

- on

Just received my muzzle who I got for my german shepherd rescue who was a little too interested in my cats. This muzzle is so nice!!! Fits great and stays in place. Just what I needed. I highly recommend this muzzle!!!

- on

Customer submitted image

I absolutely love my wire basket muzzle I received from leerburg! It fit my American Bully perfectly. When I had some questions about the style of the muzzle Leerburg was quick and awesome with answering my questions. I had a very good experience. Now my girl Zoee and I can practice for her drag racing titles.

- on

By far a 5 star product and company. I ordered one of these muzzles about 9 years back. One of the best purchases I've ever made for my dog. Fit perfect to the measurements, stayed on during accidental fights, my dog knew he could drink and even figured out how to push kibble through the grate. It survived several fights until we could resolve the underlying problem and kept my dog safe for many years of anxiety after the attacks while introducing him to other dogs slowly. My old one went missing and I will definitely be ordering a new one in the short future. Love this product and love this company for making it available to me and my boy. We are so grateful!

- on

I bought another muzzle before this one and it's night and day. Make sure you watch the video on baiting your dog so your K-9 looks at the muzzle as a positive thing. I only use this on the job or when I'm in a store. I must say the fit is perfect and just bait your dog very slow with the treats you can buy on this site and he or she will go into the muzzle to get the treat on their own without you holding it. I love it!

- on

I was doing a lot of research on muzzles for a move, one of my dogs in the past has shown aggression towards my other dog and I thought with the stress of moving this would be a big help. I looked up multiple brands, types and talked to several people. These are the only people who seemed genuinely concerned with my dogs well being and not just out to make money. The fit is great, she can have it on for long periods comfortably and eating and drinking is very easy for her. I would recommend these to everyone who needs a good muzzle, they're sturdy, built to last and comfortable. If I ever need another you bet I'll be coming back. Thank you guys so much for the piece of mind!

- on

We received our wire muzzle on Monday and it has taken less than 24 hours for my "sneaky" biter, Rey, to acclimate to it. I did just what Cindy did in the video with Rush. It makes me so happy that I will be able to go more places with him and have others enjoy his talents. In the past, I just never knew when or who he might decide to bite. He could be running an agility course a mile a minute and just decide that the gate person might need a quick bite. He never broke skin, or drew blood, but I had to quit bringing him out in public. He hates the cloth muzzle and will fight it, but this wire muzzle with plenty of room to breathe and lick and even enjoy a treat has just been a blessing. Thanks for taking the time to email me and explain about the measurements, etc. and the pros and cons of each muzzle.

WE ARE EXTREMELY SATISFIED AND HAPPY CUSTOMERS. Bouvier, Briarlea Rey en la Luz, and owner, Janet

- on

Leerburg has once again came through for me with another quality product. I purchased this muzzle for socializing my GSD that is territorial. Her attitude has changed greatly now that we have a muzzle that I feel she can breathe well with and move on to calmly work her on her socialization skills. The muzzle is a perfect fit. These wire muzzles were impossible to find locally but I again was able to turn to Leerburg to solve my problem. I'm looking for a couple more training aids I've found that our popular pet store doesn't seem to carry, but luckily Leerburg once again has what I need. Thank You Leerburg!

Criselhaus German Shepherds

- on

This is a high quality muzzle from a company with great customer service. Give your pet time to get use to this and you'll have no problem There is a free video they have online to show how to acclimate your dog to the muzzle.

- on

Customer submitted image

I received my size FF wire basket muzzle today, and I'm thrilled! It's a perfect fit for my female pit bull. Following your instructional video, I had her accepting the muzzle inside of five minutes. I took her for a walk just before she was due to eat dinner, so she was good and hungry. We were out of liver treats, so I diced some Genoa salami and used that to mark. Easy peasy! I would love to submit a picture of Sugar wearing her new accessory, but I'm not sure how to upload one. Please let me know...

Crystol in Alberta, Canada
(a very happy customer)

- on

I received the wire muzzle that I purchased for my German Shepherd and it is awesome. The quality is superb and I feel much better with him wearing it than the local store bought mesh muzzle I had been using on him. I can see that he is breathing comfortable and that makes me feel good as well because he always pretended that he couldn't breathe with the mesh one but now I know he is safe and not worry. He is a very nervous dog and I want to make sure that he doesn't get too nervous and nip someone. He hates to go to the vet for anything and I always put a muzzle on him when we go, especially when getting his nails trimmed.

I found a trainer who is helping me to work with him so I can easily board him and we use a muzzle for the training as well or anytime he is around strangers.

Thanks for such a safe and comfortable item for my dog. I would appreciate any tips for socializing him.

- on

Customer submitted image

Thank you so much for sending this great muzzle, it fits perfect on my dog!
From a happy costumer.
Helena /Sweden

- on

I have used your wire basket muzzle on a 3 year old foster rottweiler, Spencer, that has extreme fear-based aggression to people. Your staff helped me pick the correct size, and were very pleasant. It took only a couple uses before Spencer completely accepted the muzzle. Now, when let out of the crate, he will raise his front feet off the floor to put his nose into the muzzle! He knows he will only be allowed to be loose in the house with the muzzle on, and seems to look forward to it! It is excellent quality, worth twice the price. Actually priceless, considering the safety of everyone here. Thank you for such a quality product!

- on

Hello Ed and Cindy,
I use one of these muzzles for my Bouviers French Ringsport muzzle exercises. It is still in remarkably good shape after 7 years; I want to thank you for continuing to carry them. I have a client who is looking for a muzzle and this is where I have directed him.

- on

Customer submitted image

This will be a lengthy review so I'll start with the pros and cons.

-diverse sizing
-sturdy construction for the price
- breathable
- easy to use

-painful to get caught on if your dog is being affectionate
-easy to get caught on things
-metal wiring on basket can bend or break with stronger/larger dogs

Have had this muzzle for just about 10 months and will say for the price, the quality isn't bad and the size options are unmatched. This is as close to custom fitting as I've been able to find in mass produced muzzles. My dog is about 85lbs and has a relatively short and girthy snout, so finding a muzzle that fit well lengthwise without being too snug was extremely difficult. For the past 10 months, my only complaints with this are that the buckles face forward so if your dog rubs against you or brushes you while heeling, you will likely get scratched up. Also given that it's constructed from leather and metal, I've been apprehensive to allow the muzzle to get soaked or stay moist for any prolonged period of time. I don't know if moisture would actually harm the muzzle, but it's just a precaution I took. Lastly, the part where the basket connects to the strap is basically held together by two thin gauges of metal and the forehead strap. My dog just broke one of these connecting pieces as it got hooked on something and he pulled himself out before I could unhook the muzzle myself. The muzzle is still functional for the most part, but I'm replacing it preemptively since the basket is now detaching from the strap on one side

- on

I regret that I cannot rate this a 4.75 stars... the only reason I deducted a star is because I feel this muzzle should have more holes in the throat latch. My 53 # pitbull has a rather delicate & feminine head, and I had to punch more holes in my size A muzzle's throat latch so that it would fit her. Otherwise this is a 5 star European muzzle. This muzzle will last you a lifetime if you do your part and take care of it. I initially bought the FF muzzle, but really needed a size A for "pant-ability" in the TX heat. The staff at LB was remarkable as always and my exchange was effortless. Kudos to LB once again, you guys & gals are awesome!

- on

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