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Basic Dog Obedience
Based on 5 reviews

Basic Dog Obedience

Based on 5 reviews
Basic Dog Obedience Cover Art
  • 4 hours; released summer 2006
  • Instructor: Ed Frawley
  • Dog ages and skills: All
  • Perfect for new dog owners
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Basic Dog Obedience is a four hour long training DVD that covers the basic elements of commands--sit, down, recall and stand--, motivational techniques, markers, corrections and praise rewards. You will learn how to develop control over your dog, while creating a strong and engaging dog-to-handler relationship.

The video begins with a review of common training terminologies, rules, schedule plans and course goals. The DVD will also touch on the appropriate training equipment necessary to cultivate the best training experience.

What will our DVD teach you?

  • How to develop a basis for simple obedience
  • How to gain control of an unexpected situation with your dog
  • When to and not to correct your dog
  • How to effectively organize a training session
  • How to time your praises (rewards)

The video is organized for simple review, and very adaptable to novice trainers.

For more information on the basic elements of dog training, we recommend reading Ed Frawley’s Philosophy of Dog Training.

Bought this product?

This video is packed full of great training information! It does a great job of breaking down the steps in which to make your dog attentive to your every word. I will be buying more of their advanced training DVD soon! When I am sitting at work I get excited about the idea of going home and working with my dogs because of the great training this video has to taught me! I highly recommend this for any one... because everyone knows an untrained dog is no one's best friend.

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I searched quite a few hours for a training video or book that I felt would be helpful and that was provided by someone with experience with dog training and not someone that just happened to be particularly popular. I found more popular trainers with a lot less training than I would have liked. This DVD is very specific and covers a lot of ground, you will not be able to get through this in one sitting and you will spend weeks upon weeks covering everything and utilizing the information here over and over. There are some aspects of training that I wanted to steer clear of (choke chains) etc. and I appreciate that these DVD's do not focus on that specific type of correction, it gives you options and helps you understand how it applies directly to your dog and your situation. As we all know, every dog is different. This DVD has helped me to establish boundaries in my house with my dogs and has given me the tools to knowing how to train them, how to understand if they need correction and if so, how to provide that correction without harming my relationship with my dog or forfeiting my ability to stay the master of the relationship. I would recommend this video to someone like myself who needs guidance training their dog, who really wants to put the time into it and reap the rewards. I had issues with a dominant dog and it has been wonderful understanding her so much better and being able to control her behavior, she is much happier as well as I.

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Excellent DVD. My 2/3year old rescue pit mutt has benefitted greatly from this DVD and in general. Obedience must be reinforced and taught continuously.

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I am the proud owner of a 6 year old Maltese who thinks she is ten feet tall and bullet proof and a 17 week old lab (a gift to my son) who is still growing into his legs. I purchased your Obedience Training DVD and have had great results. Next purchase is Training the Retrieve.

As a woman who just finished up Chemo for Breast Cancer I did not think I could take on such a challenge of training a large dog but your DVD was straightforward, easy, stress free and quick! Much to the disbelief of fellow lab owners! The results of the training has even given me a new lease on life and has given me a since of accomplishment after a very long six months!

However, I must confess, that the largest delight I get from your website is reading the Dumb and Dumber questions and responses. I sometimes laugh out loud at the questions and your distinctive and to the point reply.

Keep up the great work!

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This is a good DVD if you want to train your dog to obey you if you give it treats. Your dog must be food motivated, and you must be willing to carry a pouch or pocket full of dog treats at all times. My dog is not food motivated and I am not willing to carry around dog treats 24/7 for the rest of my life. If you are, this is a great training method for you and your dog. Alternatively, this guy's electronic collar dog training DVD is absolutely fantastic!

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