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Popular Questions

We have 4 dogs and 2 of them have become aggressive. They are attacking each other. Our vet suggested adding chamomile tea to their drinking water but that it would take a while to have an effect. I really need help!
My nervous dog won't take a treat, no matter what it is, making it really hard to train. What can I do so that he will take treats?
My dog has started to shut down when I bring out the tug. What do you suggest I do?
My question is regarding playing tug with your pup vs correcting the pup for inappropriate mouthiness when you are not playing. How do you teach the pup to differentiate?
An individual at the dog park was pushing away a puppy that didn't belong to him and when it tried to nip him he grabbed it by the scruff, shook it and threw it. This happened 3 times before someone intervened. What would you advise to do if your puppy is handled this way?
My dog can sit for hours constantly mouthing a stuffed animal toy. Can you shine some light on what we might be seeing? Is this a nervous tic or a precursor to guarding?

Recent Questions

How do I redirect my 8 week GSD puppy when she tries to chew and tug with the blanket under her ex-pen?
Over the last two years, our dog has become increasingly yappy. Should we considered a training collar, or is there something else we should try?
What DVD would you recommend to help me learn how to deal with a dog that has crazy resource guarding habits?
When we drop (our dog) off at daycare, he is showing separation anxiety. He tries doing these little nips at the staff when they put him in the runs in the beginning of the day. Should we nix daycare?
I am unsure how to train the basic "stay" command - whether in a sit or down.
I have a question in regards to teaching tricks (sit pretty, roll over, ect) to puppies that are in protection sport training.




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