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Popular Questions

My 13 month old dog challenged me by not giving up his bone. I picked him up by the pinch collar & held him off the ground til he dropped it. Was this the best way to handle it?
My client's young Frenchie is showing aggression. Do you have any advice?
What treats to do you use when you train?
I have a pup that likes to bite at me when I try to correct her or even when I'm trying to groom her. What do you suggest I do?
We rescued a 5 year old dog and for the first couple of weeks he was great. He is now growling at my youngest child and it's getting worse. It's hard to know what to do when all the answers I find on your website refer to buying a video. Is there anything you can suggest? We are willing to try anything.
What's the shipping stress on a new puppy? I'm getting an 8 week old German Shepherd by air.

Recent Questions

What characteristics you would advise looking for in a PTSD service dog prospect in a litter of pups?
What treats to do you use when you train?
My client's young Frenchie is showing aggression. Do you have any advice?
Any suggestions to curb/minimize barking behavior other than ignoring the behavior?
I am a graveyard electrician and I do most of the training and exercising with our puppy. The pup wakes at 2-3am when I get home and is instantly in full "drive" and the results of training her at this time have been phenomenal. But I do not know how healthy this is for her physically and mentally. Any suggestions?
I have a two month old puppy that has no treat or enough toy drive, thus I can't do luring, crate training, etc. Any advice please?




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