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Introduction to Rally Obedience with Dusty Trieschman
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Introduction to Rally Obedience with Dusty Trieschman

Based on 0 reviews
Introduction to Rally Obedience with Dusty Trieschman Cover Art
  • Released Spring 2018
  • 2 hours, 40 Minutes long
  • Instructor: Dusty Trieschman
  • Dog ages and skills: All
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Rally obedience is a fun, fast paced dog sport based off of traditional competition obedience. The judging is not as rigorous as competition obedience and teamwork between the dog and handler are the main focus. In Rally, the dog/handler teams navigate stations indicated by a signs along the course. This DVD will introduce you to the basic positions, equipment, signs, and their meanings needed to be ready for Rally Novice.

Rally Obedience shares similarities with traditional competition obedience, but it also has some differences. In Rally, owners navigate a course of between 10-20 signs, depending on their level, at their own pace. The signs are placed in a path around a course and each dog/handler team must perform the station before moving on to the next. The signs are placed to the right of the dog/handler team with the exception of any sign that calls for a change of direction, those signs will be place directly in the teams path. The runs are timed, but time is only used in order to break a tie. Time starts with the judge says "Forward" and stops when the team passes the "Finish" sign.

There are several organizations that hold Rally trials. For example; AKC, UKC, ASCA, along with several others. You can title your dog in Rally by meeting each clubs individual requirements. In this course we will be covering the entry level, Novice, for AKC. In Rally, unlike traditional Obedience, the scoring is less rigid and communication between the handler and dog is encouraged.

Chapter 1: What is Rally

  • What is Rally Obedience?
  • Requirements
  • Equipment

Chapter 2: AKC Rally Signs

  • Novice Signs 1-42 Demos

Chapter 3: Teaching the Exercises

  • Teaching Sit and Down
  • Basic Heel Position
  • Left Turns and Foot Targets
  • Right Turns
  • Fronts
  • Finishes
  • Changes of Speed

Chapter 4: Breaking Down the Signs

  • Start, Finish, Halt
  • Turn Left / Right & 270° & 360°
  • Signs with Cones
  • Downs, Stops, and Around
  • Left & Right Finishes
  • About Turns
  • Diagonals
  • Halt 1-2-3 & Front 1-2-3

Chapter 5: Putting it Together for Trail

  • Building Courses at Home
  • Sign Acclimation
  • Trial Prep / Training Additions
  • Additional Considerations
  • In Conclusion
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