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Training Police Service Dogs
Based on 1 reviews

Training Police Service Dogs

Based on 1 review
Training Police Service Dogs Cover Art
  • 1 hour, 40 minutes long
  • Released 2003
  • Instructor: Ed Frawley
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This video assumes you understand the basics of bite training. If you have never trained a protection dog - we recommend you first purchase our video “The First Steps of Bite Training” or “Training Personal Protection Dogs."

Many police departments waste thousands of dollars in officer training time with dogs that should never have been selected as a patrol dog. Our tape on training a police service dog shows how to test a dog to determine if it has the necessary drive to do police work. Some dogs make excellent personal protection dogs but are not good enough for Police work. We show exactly where to draw the line between a personal protection dog and a police service dog.

The majority of accidental training bites are caused from equipment failure or mistakes in handling. Our video shows what equipment to use and includes an excellent section on leash handling during bite training.

We show how to train a dog to target his bite to the entire body starting with leg bites, then leg to arm transfers, arm to leg transfers, and finally, back and shoulder bites.

Because Police dogs are often sent off leash, we show how to put "off leash control" into the dogs. Off leash control is a must for every department that wants to eliminate accidental bites.

We show how to train a K9 to work a traffic stop. The dog must learn when he can and cannot leave the car.

We have detailed sections on field searches and building searches. Building searches are one of the most hazardous duty assignments a canine officer is required to perform. Our training methods focus on Officer Survival. This video was filmed in West Germany and the U.S.

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Business on the highway has picked up. Hope this tid bit makes you smile, my K-9 Roc saved our skin 2 weeks ago when he would not back down and kept a very angry crowd off our backs. Not so special to most folks but there was only 5 of us and better than 400 of them. No one even moved when we brought the shotguns, but things changed after Roc hit the ground. Funny what people respect dogs. Thanks again for all the information that you put out. Roc was trained using your videos and articles. Thanks from three State Troopers and two Deputies.

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