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Leashes Amish Leather Leashes 3/4 inch Prong Collar Leash with Handle
3/4 inch Prong Collar Leash with Handle
Based on 19 reviews
$40.75 - $46.50

3/4 inch Prong Collar Leash with Handle

Based on 19 reviews
$40.75 - $46.50
  • 3/4" wide
  • Amish hand-crafted with latigo leather
  • High-quality stainless steel snaps
  • Snaps are sewn and riveted for extra security
  • Leash only (prong collar and slip collar sold separately)
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This Amish made latigo leather leash has high quality stainless steel snaps. This leash is made so that a prong collar is attached to one clip and dominant dog collar™ (or backup collar) is attached to second clip. There is a 6 inch tab attached to clip end of the leash for that 2nd collar. When or if the prong collar fails and comes off the dog, the second collar is already attached without interfering with the prong collar corrections. Dominant dog collars™ and prong collars sold separately.


Leerburg leather products are works of art.

The cow hides used to make all of Leerburg's leather are hand selected for Leerburg before tanning. We need and use the thickest hides available. Our hides go through over 85 steps in a tanning process that takes over a month. There are many types of Latigo leather that are made in Mexico, India, or Pakistan, but none can compare to the quality of Leerburg’s Latigo leather.

Once tanned, our Leerburg Leather is delivered to the Amish family that crafts our leather products right here in Wisconsin. This family has been making all of our leather products for the past 20 years.

These 5 Amish craftsmen hand cut, sew, pop-rivet, and tailor all of our leather products. We have yet to come across another leather product that measures up to our products' quality.

In 2015, we switched from using brass or bronze hardware to stainless steel. Stainless Steel is stronger and lasts a lifetime. You can go and find a cheaper leather product somewhere else, but the quality will not measure up to our products.

It should go without saying that no leather leash should ever be used as a tie-out. Dog's can chew through any leather leash if you allow them to. Our leashes are not warrantied to be CHEW PROOF.

100% of Leerburg leather products are made in Wisconsin. We don't use leather from India, Pakistan, or Mexico.


Our Amish leather products are made with American-made leather that is stained using natural oils and dyes. There is a possibility that some color may transfer from leather products. We recommend that you use discretion when using this product with lighter colored clothing and dogs.

Please keep in mind when ordering that all of our leather leashes are handmade. We try to be as exact as possible with the sizes and colors, but variances do occur.

This leash is sold separately, but is pictured with a dominant dog collar and a prong collar. Save 10% when you purchase a prong collar leash kit.

Bought this product?

Love it! so glad I found it. Well made, nice leather and very sturdy. We have other leashes, and this is the only one we use. Our 80 lb one year old lab, now walks like an angel. With this leash I have the security to walk our pup. Thank you. Love the USA made

- on

This has given me the confidence to go out on walks without fear of losing my dog.

The other day Jax, my GSD/Lab/Husky and I were out for a walk. He has some aggression issues we are working on.

I had a low quality prong collar from Petsmart... No warning on it potentially coming apart. I didn't know any better so I was walking him without any backup collar.

Some little girl and a little dog came walking up behind him and he turned and twisted and pop. I now have a big black dog barking and chasing this little girls dog. As if that wasn't bad enough he goes tearing across 4 lanes of traffic running away from me... The little girl and the dogs were fine thank God. Still embarrassing and not ok. He's had a major change in his privileges at home and we are working together every day so he will respect me and not react when he sees other dogs.

This prong collar leash lets me walk my dog with his Chrome Leerberg prong collar and dominant dog collar (I bought the kit) and it's a blessing. Don't have to use 2 leashes and don't have to muzzle him because I am worried his prong collar will pop off and he will be loose.

Yes he looked terrifying, and thankfully he looks a lot better now with his new gear. Not to mention his behaviour has been better as of late, thanks the articles I have read here.

Saving up for the video on dealing with agressive dogs and pack structure.

It's an amazing thing to own after struggling for a while with a disrespectful, dog agressive dog. ( I am a novice dog owner, I can't fault the dog. I am rectifying the mistakes I made earlier in his life by doing the things I should have before this became a problem.)

Anyways I digress,

Great leash 100% recommend this and the kit if you don't already have a prong collar (or other collars/harnesses) to use.

- on

These are great leashes. We use prong collars on our two German Shepherds whenever they are on leash. Its so much more pleasant for everyone compared to leashing to a choker or flat collar. These leashes are perfect -- snap the main lead to the prong collar and the longer lead to the safety collar or even a flat collar. Love these leashes.

- on

My wife and I rescued a 1 1/2 yr. old GSD 2 years ago. She was very strong minded and pulled on lead on our walks, constantly getting corrections. I bought a Prong Collar and the Leather Prong Collar Leash from Leerburg and the walks became a pleasure instead of constant battle. Just the slight correction from the prong is all that was needed to get her attention when she started to pull. Not only does she not pull on our walks but while hiking she will stop on steep hills until I give her command to continue. Great products. I also purchased the Soft Grip Prong Collar Leash for those days we walk in the rain or snow.

Kenneth McDonald

- on

I received my prong collar leash today for my 11 month old blue pit bull and I LOVEEEE IT...we had an issue where her prong collar came loose with my partner took her outside for a restroom break and we had since been using just a clip to attach the prong collar and her regular collar but that was not working well because it would pull it down and keep it right above her regular collar and it was just a pain in the butt trying to hook and unhook them all of the time because the little clip would be tangled into both the rings of the main collar and prong...but I just wanted her safe.... When I checked the mail today and I brought it home and I put her collars on and attached the leash it was wonderful...I definitely recommend this it's a safe and veryeasy to attach to the collars and does not get all tangled up in very easy to unclip the leash from the collars when you come back inside

- on

When mated with a prong collar and flat collar, my dog is a very well-behaved walker. I don't even need to administer a full correction, as she will self-correct when pulling on the leash. She got the idea very quickly. This leash is very heavy duty and well built. Will definitely last for many years to come.

- on

Ingenious idea. Hooks up to both prong and a regular collar. Our training lead snapped off the prong too many a time and if our 8 month old boy wasn't so emotionally attached to us:-), we would have lost the dog; so this leash helps, and helps with his pulling. A little bit heavy for our pup, but he is still growing and will be almost 100 lbs. and it looks like this leash will be around for years. it's not extremely "pretty"-stitches gone awry here and there, dye is uneven in places, as it's Amish made and not mass produced-but very sturdy and does its job well, plus looks tough :-) which is cool.

- on

This leash is great in conjunction with the prong collar and dominant dog collar. It is very high quality and I am very happy with my purchase.

- on

Purchased this prog collar leash for my 12 month old Husky as she was a bit hyper when walking, when I first started to use this collar everything changed and she turned out to be a dream dog to walk. Would really recommend this leash for anybody who would have problems with walking their dog.


- on

I recently received the dual-end leash and it's a great product. Thanks for your consistently high quality products and sharing the great information on your site and via your newsletters. Happy new year!


- on

Hi Cindy,

I just wanted to complement you on that two handled prong leash that I purchased from you. Sure enough, one day before I received it, my dog's regular prong collar snapped off while I was training him. I viewed Ed's video on the necessity for the new leash and he was right on! Thanks again and Happy Holidays.


- on

THANKS! Looking forward to using that new prong leash as a back-up system to my dog's prong collar. I know I will feel a great sense of relief and feel so much more secure using this double-collared system. 

Thanks for another great Leerburg product!


- on


I appreciate your time and most of all...your products. The prong leash is totally awesome. I just ordered another one for a friend of mine's dog. He saw it and just had to have one. Awesome products, keep it coming!!

Thank you,

- on

Dear Ed,

I wanted to personally thank you for making the special leash that attaches to the prong collar AND the dominant dog collar. A month an a half ago, I rescued Hannah, an emaciated lab mix, from a Brooklyn shelter. Although Hannah is a love, I quickly discovered that she is aggressive with other dogs. I hired a wonderful trainer who taught me how to properly use a prong collar, but the "what-ifs" of the prong collar coming apart scared me.

It's hard to lead a dog when you don't have confidence, and it's hard to confidently walk past another dog if you constantly have to make sure the prong collar is secure. I tried rigging my own double-leash system but had a hard time making it so that I could pull and correct Hannah properly with the prong collar with the other collar attached. So I started to scour the Internet, and FINALLY I found your leash and dominant dog collar. I knew the set-up would be perfect, so I bought it.

Tonight, during a group training class (I bring Hannah to the local Petco, where we sit and work on getting her to remain calm in a class with lots of other dogs who are working on basic commands). Anyway, during class tonight, Hannah barked and lunged at another dog. Her prong collar came apart and flew off her neck, but I didn't even flinch. I calmly walked her away, past all the other dogs in class, knowing that she was still firmly attached to her dominant dog collar. THANK YOU, not only for a tool that works beautifully, but for a tool that gives me more confidence in handling Hannah. I love the idea of the dominant dog collar alone, and have tried it, but for now I feel more in control with the prong collar (in terms of pulling on leash occasionally - not the dog to dog aggression).

To make a long story, short, your product worked exactly as it should have, right when I needed it to.

Here is a 3-minute video of Hannah (, who is a foster dog I'm trying to find the RIGHT home for. (Goodness knows I've watched lots of YOUR Videos! LOL.) She is too much for my young family, but she is a great, great dog! If you have any ideas as to how or where to place her, I'd love to hear from you.


- on

To all at Leerburg,

I received the order I placed with you today and am just back from taking my American Bullmastiff for a walk with the prong collar, dominant dog collar and the lead you designed. What a difference! My dog is very powerful and was lunging at other animals and nearly pulling my arm out of it's socket and I did not feel in complete control over him. I think he knew he was stronger and used this to get his own way. Thanks to your amazing products, I now can get on with his training and start to enjoy walking him without dreading running into any other dogs. We passed a couple off small dogs tonight and he went to make a lunge and then thought better off it and returned to my side.

Many thanks again everyone!!

Kind Regards,
Belfast Northern Ireland

- on

Today your prong collar leash prevented pandemonium in the vet's waiting room. Just as we entered, the prong collar came apart! Very thankful I still had control with the backup collar. Most likely the prong collar was not fastened correctly since it's hard to hold 58 lbs. of wiggling 7-month puppy still. Several people have asked whether I really need that much control on my dog --- the answer is definitely YES. Thank you so much for designing and selling this leash. And thanks for all the education materials you make available. It's obvious you really, really love dogs.


- on


I just used the new leash today and I have to say it is genius. Ever since I saw your video about wearing a backup collar I have, but my prong collar corrections lost a great deal of effectiveness. This new leash is great!


- on

This Prong Collar leash is a very creative leash and works a treat! It is very well made, durable and looks amazing! It can be a bit bulky and heavy for smaller dogs and can be odd to handle at first but if you are looking for a well made leash that wins for quality, look no further! Great product.

- on

I use this leash, and one issue I have with it is that it is easy to get twists and tangles if you are in a position where you are not making your dog do focused heeling. If I am training my young dog, and being strict about his heeling, it's excellent. But all it takes is the dog to do a circle and the leash has a twist, or the collars get bunched up, making a correction ineffective. If I know there will be moments on the walk where I will not enforce strict heeling (i.e. letting the dog "do his business") I find it better to just have a dominant collar behind the prong collar, and just clip the two together with a single leash connector.

One handy thing though... if I decide I want to switch between a prong and a flat collar mid-walk, I can have both collars on the dog, connected to this leash, and decide to remove one of them without ever having to completely detach him from leash control.

- on

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