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Dog Toys Tugs 10" Yellow Firehose Tug
10" Yellow Firehose Tug
Based on 3 reviews

10" Yellow Firehose Tug

Based on 3 reviews
  • 10" long and 1" diameter
  • 3.5” in circumference
  • Made of firehose material
  • Strong and durable
  • Imported from Germany
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This is a synthetic tug made of fire hose material. These tugs are very strong and durable, hard and stiff. Imported from Germany.

Drive building in adult dogs is always done with the smallest tug. These tug have one handle or two handles. It can be moved very, very quickly. The goal of drive building with a small tug is to move it around your legs and body at a speed that the dog can not get at it. Moving them around in short quick movements forces the dog to move quickly if he has the drive to catch it - when the dog misses the tug it builds frustration and frustration builds drive. Using the longer tugs does not work because the dogs are too quick. It's too easy for them to grab a long tube or the second handle on these longer tugs. So it's much easier to play "keep away" with this smaller tug.

Tugs are not chew toys

This is a photo of a tug that was left unattended with a young dog (6 to 8 months) for about 20 minutes. Tugs are not chew toys and should never be left with dogs alone. When tugs are used correctly, they last for a very long time. When they are left unattended with a dog they may only last minutes.

Close up of a leather tug with a corner bitten off, revealing material used to stuff the tug
Bought this product?

I bought one for my dog after he had two admoninal surgeries for eating parts of toys...he could NOT tear the firehose into pieces...Yay for indetructable toys!

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Our working dog Deja loves it. Easy to carry around. Fits in a jacket nice and easy to hold on to for tug work.

- on

Got the 10" tug. Very nice. The firehose does not unravel easily. It would be great to have a 2-handle option and a choice of different colors (body or handles) to make it easier to keep track of multiple tugs.

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