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Sorry, Leerburg no longer offers the Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots.

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Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots

Based on 3 reviews

Sorry, Leerburg no longer offers the Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots.

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Protection outdoors
  • Stays on
  • Prevents slipping on floors
  • Rugged, flexible, super-grip sole made from recycled tires
  • Four boots per set
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These are a CLOSE-OUT item sold at cost. There are no returns for any reason

Dogs hate wearing boots. We have never put boots on a dog that has not worn them and the dog acts like they like them - it has NEVER happened.

But t he fact is some dogs need to learn to accept them. Dogs that run long distances in the winter, some people even have to use boots in very hot climates where the concrete is too hot in the summer.

These Rugged Dog Boot are made with dense, water resistant but breathable nylon material. It provides protection from most conditions, and they have foam comfort pads.

Easy to put on with unique expanding side seams and easy-to-adjust closures.

Protects dogs' feet from:

  • Asphalt, gravel, rocks or cactus
  • Hot pavement
  • Snow, ice, mud or cold
  • Sand burrs or thorns
  • Great for hunting, grass, dirt or at the beach


Measure the distance across the width of your dog's paw (the dog should be standing with his/her weight on the measured paw). Add 1/4" (.635 cm) to your measurement to allow extra room to spread.


Instructions for use

Fully open the two closures, squeeze the top of the boot into an "O" shape, and slip paw all the way into the boot with the hook portion at the front. Tighten lower closure first, then the top. Tuck your dog's dew claws into boot, if necessary. Check boots periodically, re-tighten if needed. Remember to keep your dog's nails short so they don't puncture the material.

Go slowly, and put on one boot at a time. Don't worry -- your dog may be unsure and even "dance" when the boots first go on. Tip: Create positive reinforcement by using doggie treats to reward your dog along the way. Immediately engage in a fun activity and your dog will quickly forget he/she is even wearing boots.

Boot Care

To wash, wrap the closures around the boot and wash in cold water, delicate cycle. Hang to dry. To extend the life of the boot use Shoe Goo®, original formula adhesive and sealant, to seal tears in the sole or seams of the boots that will naturally occur with use. Available at most hardware stores.


Unfortunately, there isn't a perfect solution for dogs that drag their feet. We haven't found a material that will stand up to dragging and still be comfortable for the dog. Some customers use the Rugged boots and then apply Shoe Goo® as wear appears. You may also coat the top and toe of the boot prior to wearing with Shoe Goo to prolong the life of the boot for a dog that drags the paw.

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Purchased ultra paws boots for my Teddy Bear. We hike in the mountains and trails in Washington state. Some pretty rough trails. Teddy took a pad injury 2 weeks ago. We hiked Boulder River trail this weekend. NO INJURY...for him at least. We went thru 3 pairs of boots last summer in Texas. They all failed for various problems. These boots held up and stayed on his feet. They did come off a couple times (mud put sucked them off) but I had to make adjustments and they worked great. You can only imagine my relief that they worked and Teddy came home uninjured. These boots are wonderful.
Donna from WA

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Couldn't be happier with these boots! I put them on my dog a few minutes before a four mile run, then we stopped at the river for a short romp. My dog is a serious digger, they had no problem staying on when he dug, got his feet suctioned in the mud, and tried to swim. We did drop three out of four boots, but i didn't realize how tight they need to be to stay on. There's plenty of padding between the straps and the dog's foot, so I'll need to get used to pulling the straps a bit tighter than usual. One boot has a very small hole and they each have a bit of tearing, but a little bit of shoe goop left them better than new. They kept Riot's sensitive paws from getting irritated (with the help of Musher's Secret) and to make them worth the money, he was pretty entertaining for the first few minutes of getting used to them.

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I bought these boots for my 15 year old Border Collie. She has arthritis. We ordered the large size boot and when they arrived we found them to be too large and had to exchange them.

As far as the boots go, they are wonderful. My dog who was not able to walk on the slippery floors in my house now has total mobility to move and walk without slipping.

The boots go on with a minimum of effort and stay on. Great product.

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