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Q&A Dog Packs

Q&A Dog Packs

QUESTION on Dog Packs:
Hello, I was just looking up about having my dog put to sleep and I came across this website.

I have a 2 year old female, part chow part lab mix, she is the most loving dog around my fiance and I. You would never think she would do anything wrong, but recently in these last few months something has come over her.

My fiance said a while back, when he was at his brother's house looking at their puppies, he caught her trying to kill one-she had it in her mouth swinging it back and forth. He got it away from her and scolded her. That was almost a year ago.

We moved out in the country last year, and both our neighbors have dogs. Our neighbors next door have a dog that I think is a lab-female. They used to get along great, play together day and night, never had any problems with them (both run free-no chains). We got another dog this fall, thats when the problems started-she is a springer-spaniel less than 1 yr(puppy from my fiance's brother's batch) she follows, the older dog everywhere-like its her mother practically. Well, about 1 month ago our neighbor from across the street came over one night and told us that her little dog had been killed-i think she was a terrier? She had found her in the next door neighbors tree line, she said she sees the dogs running together in a pack alot(my dogs and the neighbors-they got another dog too) so needless to say she believes it was my dog or dogs that did it. We have no proof of course, but the other neighbor has lived out there forever and I don't think she ever had problems before with their dogs. We then had contemplated about putting her to sleep, but without proof, we could not go through with it. Ever since then the oldest has been chained up, about 2 nights ago the dogs were outside (oldest on a chain, younger running free) well the oldest's chain came undone and was loose with the chain dangling behind her. My fiance and I spent about 30min looking for them, with no luck we decided we would look in a little while. Our next door neighbor came over about an hour later screaming that our dog was attacking his dogs. I guess he said that she had tried to bite his son earlier this summer while riding his dirt bike, and had bitten -didn't break skin on a friend of his. Anyway, I guess the dog had to have around 80 stiches to it's female region. None of this is seen by us, so we do not know if it happened for sure. To make matters worse we think she may be pregnant? What should we do? We love her very much, and she has never tried to harm me or my fiance. I do not want to put her to sleep, especially if I don't have proof of these matters. But, also if it is true, would she ever bite a child? That is why we have thought of putting her to sleep, we do not have any children, but nieces and nephews. Please let me know what to do.

Thank You~

The way you choose to live with your dogs is not what I consider responsible pet ownership.

Allowing dogs to roam free is completely irresponsible.

Keeping a dog on a chain makes them mentally unstable. It makes them go crazy.

Find new homes for your dogs. Killing a dog because the owner is making mistakes is a sad thing. Finding them a new home is the responsible thing to do.

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