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DVDs & CDs Obedience Training Dogs to Diapers DVD
Dogs to Diapers DVD
Based on 6 reviews

Dogs to Diapers DVD

Based on 6 reviews
Dogs to Diapers DVD Cover Art
  • 49 minutes long
  • Released July 16, 2015
  • Producer & Instructor: Carrie Wooddell
  • Also available as a self-study online course! CLICK HERE to sign up!
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The family dog is often not properly prepared for the arrival of a newborn resulting in the dog becoming isolated or re-homed.

Carrie Silva Wooddell, a professional dog trainer with over ten years of experience, teaches families how to better understand their dog and demonstrates how to prepare and introduce their dog to their new baby.

In recent years the number of child dog bites has risen. Keep your baby safe by learning the warning signs to watch for when your dog is around your baby.

Not only does Carrie offer the perspective of an accredited dog trainer but this video follows her personal journey from being pregnant and sharing the same concerns as many first time moms who love their dogs.

What's the difference between this course, the DVD, and the stream?

DVD: 49 minutes (physical copy and immediate streaming access)

Stream: 49 minutes, lifetime access, stream from anywhere

Online Course: 37 videos (72 minutes), additional text content, discussion board, lifetime access, stream from anywhere

More about Carrie Silva Wooddell

Carrie has been training dogs professionally from over 10 years to almost 20 years; she currently resides in Pinellas Park, FL with her husband where they operate their pet training business, The Doghouse, LLC, serving the greater St. Petersburg/Tampa area.

It has become her passion to help others incorporate their dogs into their lifestyle, from family pets to service canines. Carrie was around dog training growing up; her father, Bill Silva, was a K9 handler for the St. Petersburg Police Department.

Carrie started her professional dog training career by training dogs for the hearing disabled and is a certified Service Dog Instructor. Carrie has traveled the world perfecting her trade and has become highly respected and renowned.

She now specializes in the successful rehabilitation of aggressive dogs, returning them as great companions and family members.

Carrie has owned an Animal Agency which has trained several dogs appearing in commercials and movies, and is an active competitor and trainer in the dog sports.

Carrie has earned the titles French Ring 2, Mondio Ring 3, and IPO 3 with her Belgium Malinois and qualified for the Mondio Ring World Team with her second Malinois in 2016.

Dogs to Diapers is the first publication she has shared her expertise from her extensive experience.

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We discovered this video at the perfect time, one month before our daughter was born. Our dog Toby had recently had a couple of incidents where he acted very much out of character and nipped a guest. This was, of course, alarming since our first child was on the way.

Through this DVD we learned how important it is to recognize a dog's warning sings (such as licking lips) as stressors accumulate and to help the dog realize that leaving the situation is an option. Even better is to give the dog a job to do so that he is not focused on the stressor but on pleasing his master. We also stopped allowing him on the couch for the baby's safety and because it is important for him not to consider himself equal with the baby, as we learned from the DVD.

We're grateful for all that we learned!

- on

This video came at the perfect time for our family. We have 2 GS dogs (4 and almost 10) which were given to us by a friend over the past 10 months. We were expecting our 3rd child and we had no idea how to incorporate the dogs with the new baby. Dogs to Diapers clearly went over the steps to take and what we should and should not do. We also have 2 teenage boys, so it was really helpful for them as well. None of know how our dogs will behave and it is best to be prepared in every way we can. I can't say enough about this video and how helpful it was.

- on

My dog was my first baby but when my pregnancy got further along I was very worried of how my dog would react without the same attention :( I was so glad when my friend recommended this DVD!! It answered so many of my questions and even touched on fears I wasn't aware of! The training is easy to follow and I HIGHLY recommend this for all New Mom's with dogs and even Mom's on their 2nd or 3rd child with dogs!!

- on

This is an important video for families who love their dog and are expecting a baby, but are unsure of how to make a safe, easy, happy transition into a new family unit with their dog and their new baby.

Carrie Silva Wooddell is a knowledgeable trainer, passionate about dogs and concrete about what to do to help you, your beloved dog and your new baby transition into a new happy family unit.

- on

This movie is filled with great advice on how to train your dog(s) for your little bundle of joy(s)! When I was pregnant, I thought about the safety of my son when being around my animals. I wasn't quite sure what to do or not to do. This movie fills in those gaps and explains everything to do! It's very helpful and is one less stresser to think about!

- on

What a wonderful video! Too often people overlook the importance of building a relationship and preparing their dog for a newborn baby. This video really broke down the process and explained why this is an important step when expanding your family. Will definitely be recommending this video to our other dog-loving friends!!

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