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Electric Collars Dogtra Dogtra ARC E-Collar
Dogtra ARC E-Collar
Based on 3 reviews

Dogtra ARC E-Collar

Based on 3 reviews
  • 1" width collar strap
  • 3/4-mile range
  • Rheostat/volume dial with stimulation levels 0-127
  • 2-hour rapid charge batteries
  • Nick, constant, and high performance pager vibration
  • Low to medium power stimulation
  • Belt clip
  • Slim design receiver/collar
  • Fully waterproof
  • Checkered grips
  • Expandable to a two-dog System
  • LCD screen
  • For dogs 15 lb or larger
  • 1 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty

Please note that this item cannot be shipped to Australia or New Zealand.

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Dogtra never stops evolving to develop the most advanced e-collar gear for modern day dog owners and trainers. Developed using the best of Dogtra engineering know-how, the Dogtra ARC e-collar remote training tool comes with an ultra slim receiver for seamless appearance and improved comfort for dogs 15 pounds and up.

The Dogtra ARC e-collar features a 3/4-mile range and 2-dog expandability. The receiver/collar outputs Low-Mid stimulation from 1-127 levels designed for all breeds with medium to soft temperaments. The ARC’s ergo dynamic handheld transmitter also features a checkered grip and belt clip. The Dogtra ARC e-collar is fully waterproof and come with 2-hour rapid charge batteries.

Package contents

  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Battery charger and splitter cable
  • Test light
  • Owner's Manual


This product is covered under Dogtra's 1 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty. To learn more about Dogtra's policies, click here.

Bought this product?

I got this for my 2 dogs. Really like the options of multiple dogs with multiple settings. I think this is one of the best e-Collars i've come across (I've purchased 3 types and brands of E-collars over the years)
With the vibration OR shock option, The extended effective distance and multiple dog option- makes this collar more versatile than many other collars out there.
The only thing i really would like to see with this set up would be the option to use a Tone correction option.

- on

I bought the ARC E-Collar because I wanted to use a single transmitter for my two Labs. I was replacing an older Dogtra 200NCP. I think the ARC is better in all respects except one. The battery life is great, and the recharge is very fast. The transmitter LED display is lighted so it is easy to use in the evening or at night, and it is easy to fine tune between say 29 and 32, something I could not have done before. Having to carry only one transmitter, with obvious buttons for each dog is a big convenience. The receiver is a little smaller, although I don't think it is enough different to care about, especially on a dog as big as a Lab.

The only negative compared to the 200NCP is the vibrate (page) mode. On the 200NCP it was all I needed most of the time. With the ARC, neither my older dog or our pup (both of whom responded to the page on the 200NCP) even seem to notice the page. It does not feel that different to me, but I get absolutely no reaction from the dogs when I use it.

The only other comment is that the Nick mode is typically not effective for my dogs. They generally won't notice the Nick, while a quarter second of the Continuous at the same level is all they need. In order for the NIck to be effective, I have to turn the level up so high that even a quick pulse on the continuous mode is too much. I which the Nick was just a little longer so I could use it without having to change the setting. This is not a a change from the 200NCP, since I had the same issue with it.

- on

There are many items in my 'must-have' dog kit, and this is one of them. I use this item on a daily basis and I never leave the house without it, whenever I'm with my boy. I would strongly advise seeking professional training when using an item like this as it is something that a user could get so easily wrong.

In the UK, there are many that do not approve of the use of e-collars (usually those who have never been shown how to use one correctly) so the fact that it is very discreet, means that you can confidently use the collar in public spaces if required.

My only criticism would be the level range, as I feel that it is limited too low. My boy is highly scent driven (he is intact) and there have been occasions where there has been a need to steadily increase the level to the maximum, with no effect. It could be said, that for some dogs once in that state of mind, no matter how high the level the only option is to physically remove them from the scent, but it would be useful to have a higher range just in case.

- on

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