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Ed Frawleys Philosophy on Dog Training
By Ed Frawley

20 Pages


Common Sense Solutions to House Training Problems
By Ed Frawley

166 Pages
3 Free The Power of Training Dogs with Markers or Clickers
By Ed Frawley
85 Pages
4 Free Q&A Feeding a Raw Diet
By Cindy Rhodes
53 Pages
5 Free The Groundwork to Establishing Pack Structure with Adult Dogs
By Ed Frawley
42 Pages
6 Free

The Groundwork to Becoming Your Puppy's Pack Leader
By Ed Frawley

27 Pages
7 Free

Using Treats in Your Dog Training
By Ed Frawley

50 Pages

8 Free Socializing Puppies: How to Socialize Your New Puppy
By Ed Frawley
16 Pages
9 Free Panosteitis or PANO: A successful treatment used with our dogs
By Ed Frawley
11 Pages
10 Free The Downfall of the German Shepherd Dog
By Koos Hassing
15 Pages
11 Free

Introducing Dogs Into Homes with Other Dogs
By Ed Frawley

21 Pages
12 Free

The Theory of Motivation in Dog Training
By Ed Frawley

30 Pages
13 Free

How to Fit a Prong Collar
By Ed Frawley

22 Pages
14 Free

Preventing Dog Bites in Children & Babies
By Ed Frawley

85 Pages
15 Free

Bottle Feeding Puppies
By Ed Frawley

144 Pages
16 Free

Diarrhea in Puppies
By Ed Frawley

11 Pages
17 Free

Training Puppies Not to Bite
By Ed Frawley

11 Pages
18 Free

Who Can Pet My DOG?
By Ed Frawley

11 Pages
19 Free

Dealing with the Dominant Dog
By Ed Frawley

100 Pages
20 Free

How to Break Up a Dog Fight without Getting Hurt
By Ed Frawley

62 Pages
21 Free

Theory of Corrections in Dog Training
By Ed Frawley

46 Pages
22 Free

Introducing Dogs and Babies
By Ed Frawley

13 Pages
23 Free

How to Select a Muzzle
By Ed Frawley

19 Pages
24 Free

Dog Parks: Why They Are a Bad Idea!
By Ed Frawley

72 Pages
25 Free

The Importance of Good Positioning on Canine Hip X-Rays
By Ed Frawley

38 Pages
26 Free

Vaccinosis: Do Your Research Before You Vaccinate!
By Ed Frawley

46 Pages
27 Free

How to Decide that Today is the Day to Put Your Best Friend to Sleep
By Ed Frawley

177 Pages
28 Free

Raising Two Pups at the Same Time: Why It's a Bad Idea!
By Ed Frawley

57 Pages
29 Free

The Drives of Protection Training
By Ed Frawley

25 Pages
30 Free

Dealing with the Aggressive Dog
By Ed Frawley

62 Pages
31 Free

Taping German Shepherds Ears
By Ed Frawley

25 Pages
32 Free

What is Schutzund?
By Ed Frawley

41 Pages
33 Free

Introducing Dogs (or Puppies) into Homes with Cats
By Ed Frawley

63 Pages
34 Free

Questions & Answers on Raising and Training Puppies
By Ed Frawley

181 Pages

35 Free

Tracking Thru Drive
By Ed Frawley

5 Pages
36 Free Should you Neuter Your Dog?
By Ed Frawley
7 Pages
37 Free K9 Handler Selection Process 8 Pages
38 Free Registering for the Leerburg WebBoard 12 Pages
39 Free How to Post a Question on the Web Board 5 Pages

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September 15, 2009

My dog has bitten the daylights out of me and the wife since we got him at six weeks. Found your website and are now getting a handle on him. Great advice in your eBooks and can't wait to watch the DVDs. We put the prong collar on him and it was like we flipped a switch. Thanks a ton. Oh yeah, You guys sent it out on Friday the 11th. and I got it on Tuesday the 15th. Thats about the best service I've ever had. Thanks again. Its a pleasure doing buisness with you.


July 27, 2009

Hi Mr. Frawley,

Thank you for your sound advice via free eBooks!

When my 5 wk old Siberian Husky pup showed signs of really being sick w/ explosive diarrhea I panicked, didn't know he was really that sick. Of course, this happened on a friday night and still had the weekend to go when no vet could be contacted. I began searching the web for help as to what I could do to get him regulated and stop the flood of running brown water that was squirting out of his rear end. I found one of your free eBooks, "Diarrhea in Puppies," read it and made a midnight run to the local Walmart for supplies. We got through the weekend by following your advice found in that eBook and got him to a vet on tuesday. The vet did all the tests you suggested and prescribed Albon just as you said would happen. I started him on a bland chicken & rice diet w/ a little pumpkin in it. It's been almost two weeks and he's finially started to make snakes instead of puddles.

I hope, I'm not stepping over any protocols by directly emailing you this big "THANK YOU" for your eBooks.

I'd like to start using your training methods for training our Siberian Huskies we have two female 16 weeks and male 7 weeks, they are very smart as you know and could be trained like a German Shepard. I'd like to train my male to be a home guard, by that I mean stay alert and bark to alarm me if something isn't right. Where would you suggest I start using your methods to get them on the right path?

Best of Regards,


I purchased your eBook yesterday. I found the book to be perfect for someone who thinks the way I do. I do not like to have "too much" information, I prefer my information short, easy to understand and without a lot of extra, off-topic or over-explanation. I like to be told just what I need to know. This book did just that.

Although I have not gone through the whole book yet, the things I wanted to know were short, easy to understand and, like the title, "common sense." I have been taking the puppy out even more frequently (every 20 min to half hour spans rather than my previous hour span) and have begun tethering her to me even after she has gone out. There have been no accidents yet (it's only since yesterday though LOL). Not to say it will not happen again but I will refer to my eBook and your website for future info. Matter of fact, I've begun reading some of the other free eBooks you offer and am considering the DVD on puppies. I probably would not have purchased or considered purchasing anything if it were not for the experience you seem to have with raising puppies.

Thank you,

FYI -- my wife and I are SOOOOO glad we came across your site. Neither one of us have had dogs for over 25 years (we're in our mid-40's). 2.5 weeks ago we adopted a black lab / beagle mix from the Humane Society. He's 1.5 years old / 45 lbs., and we can tell he's had "some" training, but he was abused in his previous home so we have that to deal with.

The advice we've been sponging up from the eBooks has been so very helpful. After just a week of applying what we've read we can already tell the difference. He's a very fast learner. We're really looking forward to getting our new family member through all of what we can learn from your DVD's and books. Like I said, we can already see a huge difference.

Bottom line: THANKS!!!!

- Dan B.

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