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DVDs & CDs Obedience Training Drive Development for Competition Obedience with Tami McLeod
Drive Development for Competition Obedience with Tami McLeod
Based on 1 reviews

Drive Development for Competition Obedience with Tami McLeod

Based on 1 review
Drive Development for Competition Obedience with Tami McLeod Cover Art
  • 3 hours, 5 minutes long
  • Released Spring 2016
  • Instructor: Tami McLeod
  • Also available as a self-study online course! CLICK HERE to sign up!
  • Immediate streaming access when purchased with Leerburg account
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Leerburg dog training is available in 3 formats:
  1. DVDs
  2. Video on demand
  3. Online courses

Leerburg video on demand and online courses both have instant access that never expire. Video on demand has a "notes" feature that allows viewers to pause the video at any point and create a personal note. Whenever they come back to the video they can see their list of notes, and then can click on any note and the video will start from the point that note was created. Viewers can create an unlimited number of notes.


This DVD will talk about how to approach dogs with different and varying degrees of drives and temperaments. This is an entry level DVD designed to teach you the quintessential concepts to maximize your dog's drive for the obedience work, and the initial steps critical for advancement.

This DVD concept is comprised of three main components called "The Three Pillars". The first pillar is teaching to think, the second is building drive association on the field, and the third is conditioning in drive states in obedience. This DVD grazes the surface of these three fundamental concepts which is the infrastructure for highly animated and correct obedience.

What's the difference between this course, the DVD, and the stream?

DVD: 3 hours 5 minutes (physical copy and immediate streaming access)

Stream: 3 hours 5 minutes, lifetime access, stream from anywhere

Online Course: 121 videos (253 minutes), additional text content, discussion board, lifetime access, stream from anywhere

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I enrolled in Tami's online class to help me get my working line GSD puppy ready for helper work. The modules are broken down into step by step instructions which enabled me to show up with a good understanding of how to work my dog. I have been able to understand the different drives and have a better understanding of competition and working my dog in drive. Here is picture of Rocky at 10 months old working with a helper for the first time. Thanks for this online tool!

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