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Leerburg Leather Care
Based on 2 reviews
$14.99 - $24.99

Leerburg Leather Care

Based on 2 reviews
$14.99 - $24.99
  • Save $4.99 by purchasing as a set
  • All natural plant-based ingredients
  • Safe to use
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Gentle on all leather finishes
  • Adds years of life to leather products
  • Cleaner comes in 8 fl oz
  • Cream comes in 4 fl oz
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Take care of your high quality leather leashes, collars, and harnesses with Leerburg's Leather Care. The cream is a semi-thick wax conditioner that offers maximum protection and restoration. Ideal for leathers that need extra protection, touched up and those that are exposed to the elements. The Spot Cleaner is a pH balanced cleaner that is specially formulated to handle dirt, surface stains and other contaminants. We recommend to clean first, then condition.


Leather Cream: Triple filtered beeswax, unique blend of seed oils, and naturally occurring lipids

Leather Spot Cleaner: Plant derived cleaning agents, mineral based pH balancers, tea tree oil extract.

Can I use this for other leather products, like a gun holster? Do you have any cleaning tips?

The leather of the holster will dry within 24 hours of conditioning. 1-3 applications are recommended, depending on how dry or worn the leather is. Buffing with a cloth and/or heating gently with a hair dryer can help the leather absorb the conditioner, at which point there should be no transfer to the gun metal. The conditioner certainly isn't harmful to metal itself, though obviously you wouldn't want any amount of conditioner getting into the gun mechanisms.

Bought this product?

This is a great conditioner for all leather! Of corse as far as leashes and collars go I don’t think the average dog owner will need leather conditioner. But if your as crazy as me about dog equipment then this is a must! I’ve also found it help the leather to break in faster. So if you are a person addicted to buying 100+ dollars of dog equipment every month(specifically leather products) this is something awesome to buy. Thanks Leerburg!

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This is an excellent product.
I have 13 leashes and 1 agitation harness. The leashes vary from 1/4" to 5/8" in width and 2' to 5' in length. I cleaned all leather with the spot cleaner and have plenty left over. I generously applied the leather cream (wore nitrile gloves and used a portion of white t-shirt) to both sides of the leashes as well as the edges. As stated in the instructions, some of my brown leashes did darken considerably, to a mahogany color. The leashes are now incredibly pliable and supple. There is no tacky or greasy residue and they feel great in my hand. I had just a little bit of cream left (probably enough to do one more 3' leash), and I will be ordering 1more leather cream to have on hand for future leather care.

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