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Leashes Amish Leather Leashes 1/2 inch Prong Collar Leash with Handle
1/2 inch Prong Collar Leash with Handle
Based on 6 reviews

1/2 inch Prong Collar Leash with Handle

Based on 6 reviews
  • 1/2" wide, designed for smaller dogs
  • Amish hand-crafted with latigo leather
  • High-quality stainless steel snaps
  • Leash only (prong collar and slip collar sold separately)
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This Amish made latigo leather leash has high quality stainless steel snaps. This leash is made so that a prong collar is attached to one clip and a dominant dog collar™ (or backup collar) is attached to second clip. There is a 6 inch tab attached to clip end of the leash for that 2nd collar. When or if the prong collar fails and comes off the dog, the second collar is already attached without interfering with the prong collar corrections. Dominant dog collars™ and prong collars sold separately.

It should go without saying that no leather leash should ever be used as a tie-out. Dog's can chew through any leather leash if you allow them to. Our leashes are not warrantied to be CHEW PROOF.


Leerburg leather products are works of art.

The cow hides used to make all of Leerburg's leather are hand selected for Leerburg before tanning. We need and use the thickest hides available. Our hides go through over 85 steps in a tanning process that takes over a month. There are many types of Latigo leather that are made in Mexico, India, or Pakistan, but none can compare to the quality of Leerburg’s Latigo leather.

Once tanned, our Leerburg Leather is delivered to the Amish family that crafts our leather products right here in Wisconsin. This family has been making all of our leather products for the past 20 years.

These 5 Amish craftsmen hand cut, sew, pop-rivet, and tailor all of our leather products. We have yet to come across another leather product that measures up to our products' quality.

In 2015, we switched from using brass or bronze hardware to stainless steel. Stainless Steel is stronger and lasts a lifetime. You can go and find a cheaper leather product somewhere else, but the quality will not measure up to our products.

100% of Leerburg leather products are made in Wisconsin. We don't use leather from India, Pakistan, or Mexico.


Our Amish leather products are made with American-made leather that is stained using natural oils and dyes. There is a possibility that some color may transfer from leather products. We recommend that you use discretion when using this product with lighter colored clothing and dogs.

Please keep in mind when ordering that all of our leather leashes are handmade. We try to be as exact as possible with the sizes and colors, but variances do occur.

This leash is sold separately, but is pictured with a dominant dog collar and a prong collar. Save 10% when you purchase a prong collar leash kit.

Bought this product?

Great Leash! We have a one year old adorable 80 lb black lab. He is a terrible puller. I couldn't take it anymore so I got out our old prong collar. Watched the information video about the prong collar and leash. Our dog is now a nice walker. The leash is well made, sturdy and is perfect with the prong collar. superb quality. thanks for the great leash

- on

I've had this leash now for nearly 3 months. It is wonderful! My Border Collie has a tiny head and can slip out of a flat buckle collar if she happens to back up. This leash, coupled with a prong collar and her martingale collar is the perfect combination. No pulling, no choking, and no dog on the loose. Thank you Leerburg!

- on

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I love this leash! I've been having it for our Great Dane "General Sherman" for about ten months now and it's excellent. It's strong and safe and I love the classic look.

- on

I love this leash. I use the 1/2" one for my GSD. I find this lighter one gives a better connection with the dog than the 3/4", and it is plenty strong enough for a powerful dog! I would even prefer a 3/8" one over the 1/2" if you'd offer it.
For a small dog, I find it too heavy, both hardware and 1/2" width.

- on

I LOVE this leash. After years of searching for the couplers used to have an emergency backup, and tying makeshift connections to flat collars while working off the prong collar, FINALLY a backup that is ALWAYS there. What a wonderful product that has saved time and accidents when prongs came undone. I use this leash on several dogs all day long, every day of the week and it holds up to all sizes and I have literally thousands of hours on each leash without breaks or damage. I highly recommend it to anybody using a prong collar

- on

This is an excellent leash. The quality of the leather is very nice, and definitely gets better with age. I only really have one gripe about it. The dual attachments are a little cumbersome. I have a female 50lbs Mal and she often steps between the two attachment points of the leash. I also have Leerburgs biothane leash with a single attachment and I find myself using that one much more. I really enjoy the strength and versatility (not to mention the lightness of it) of the biothane, but there is something about a nice leather leash that just can’t be replaced by biothane. With that said, I wish I would have gotten the single attachment leather leash from Leerburg.

- on

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