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Ed Frawley

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Muzzle Warning: If you train with or use muzzles, you need to read this!

WARNING - The photos on this page are GRAPHIC IMAGES OF A BAD DOG BITE.

I include this web page as a warning to those people who use muzzles while training their dogs. A muzzle is only as effective as the people who use them. When they are not properly tested before training bad things can happen.

These are photos of a good friend's leg. My friend is a experienced police K9 handler with over 20 years experience as a dog handler on a sheriff's department. He was accidentally bit during a police K9 training seminar.

The dog's muzzle was not properly tested before it was released to do a building search. The muzzle was too loose on the dog's head. How to properly fit a muzzle is explained in detail in the DVD I did titled MUZZLE FIGHTING FOR POLICE SERVICE DOGS.

My friend was hiding down under a desk. When the dog initially stuck its head under the desk he pulled it back out. The muzzle caught on something and came off. The photos show what happened next.

This kind of thing can also happen to people who use muzzles for dominant and aggressive dogs. Muzzles are nothing more than training tools and as with every training tool they can be improperly used. When muzzles come off at the wrong time bad things happen.

The bottom line is if your going to use a muzzle on your dog you need to learn the correct way to put it on and just as importantly how to test it to make sure its on correctly and won't come off. When muzzles come off it's a handler error and not a problem with how the equipment was made.

Dog Bite

Dog Bite

Dog Bite

Dog Bite

Dog Bite

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