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Collars Prong Collars Herm Sprenger Neck Tech Prong Collar
Herm Sprenger Neck Tech Prong Collar
Based on 2 reviews
$9.35 - $83.52

Herm Sprenger Neck Tech Prong Collar

Based on 2 reviews
$9.35 - $83.52
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Extreme strength
  • Snap hook with a swivel for better handling
  • Natural influence onto the dog
  • Wearing comfort for short- and long-haired breeds

Please note that this item cannot be shipped to Australia or New Zealand.

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Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Neck-Tech Collars are great for strength, effectiveness and discreet appearance. The elements in the Neck Tech collars mimic the shape of dog’s teeth so they will create a “natural influence” on your dog- the dog will feel a sensation much like the nip that a dog will give to correct another. The enclosed design of the Neck Tech collar conceals the collar, making it very discreet without the need for nylon covers. Elements may be added or taken out to get the perfect fit. This collar can be used with both long and short haired dogs. When used correctly these collars will not harm your dog.

The Herm Sprenger Company has been a leader in the dog training market with their high quality training products for many years. Herm Sprenger uses only the best materials and prides itself on their high standards. Leerburg is proud to carry a wide variety of Herm Sprenger collars.

Prong collars do not apply pressure to the dogs trachea, making them a safe alternative to a slip collar, and much safer than allowing your dog to pull into a flat collar which can cause permanent damage to the dogs wind pipe. Instead a prong collar tightens, creating a pinching sensation that is instantly released once the dog “yields to the leash” or stops pulling.

Leerburg strongly recommends using a backup collar any time you are using a prong collar is on your dog. For more information on back up collars and why we recommend them check out some of our free streaming videos on the proper use of a prong collar as well as the prong collar leash. We recommend Leerburg’s Dominant Dog Collar.

Prong collars should NOT be used with a retractable (flexi) lead.

For more information on how to size a prong collar, read our article here.

Dog training is never without risk of injury. Do not attempt these techniques yourself without consulting a professional. Leerburg Enterprises, Inc. cannot be responsible for accidents or injuries to humans and/or animals.


For more information on sizing, see our article How to Fit a Prong Collar.

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Verified Customer Review

Hands down my favorite collar. I've been training for 30 years and used many collars over that time. I'm currently training my service dog. This collar is nice. Looks nice and functionality is fantastic. The links are hard to remove but that's not a huge draw back. Love it.

- on

This is a very nice collar that combines a prong effect while laying flat on the neck. I purchased this one as it appeared to be more secure than the quick release version that was criticized on Leerburg for being weak in the release button. Well this one unscrews itself on longer outings! I always tighten the screw when putting the collar on. I have checked it time and time again and sometimes it is completely unscrewed and sometimes just starting to unscrew. That doesn't mean it released, just the safety implied by the screw shouldn't be counted on. I guess it could release, but I haven't had it long enough to experience that. In any case, it's a $70 collar that doesn't completely solve the safety closure issue.

- on

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