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Ed Frawley

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List of Terms from German 'SV' Pedigrees

Photo of Natan Busecker Schloss, Jeff Frawley, Lynn

Many people purchase German imported German Shepherds. When the pedigree arrives it's written in German. This table is designed to help these people understand a little of their pedigrees.

German Terms

American Meaning

SCH Schutzhund
Ahnentafel Ancestral listing
Eltern Parents
Vater Father
Mutter Mother
Angekoert Examined or surveyed
Leberezeit Lifetime rated
Koermaster Re-evaluated every year
ā€œaā€ zuerk Hips x-rayed & found good for breeding
ZB Zuchtbewertung best in confirmation
ā€œVā€ Vorgueglich Excellent Show Rating
ZH Customs
Such H Search
SH Red Cross
PH Police
FH Advanced Tracking Title
HGH Herding Dog Title
HGH 20 km Endurance Test
Law H Avalanche rescue
MH Message
SV German Shepherd Dog Club of W. Germany
BLH Leader (blind)
Zpr Suitable for breeding
Koerklasse Breed survey
Geschecht Gender
Stockhaarig Hair
Wurflag Birthdate
Wurfjahr Year
Zuechter Breeder
Inzuchtauf I inbreeding
Wurfstoerke Litter size
Besondere Kennzeichen Tattoo
Ammehaufzucht Wet nurse or foster mother
Das zuchatbachamt des SV Keeper of Stud Book
Koersucht-Leiftungszucht-Ahnentafel Breeding & Production Pedigree
Geschwister Siblings
Koer Summary of body development: motion & temp
Schwartz Black
Braun Abzuchin Brown
Grau Grey
Gelbe Yellow or Tan
SBA All black

Desired Height

42 teeth: 20 upper, 22 lower

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