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Leerburg Puppy Colors

Leerburg Dog
Rambo Peko Haus Sch 3 IPO 3
A Dark Brown Sable

There are a lot of photos on this page. It may take a while for your browser to load them. The links all work - if your browser does not click to a link right away you may just need to wait until the photos are all loaded.


Black and Tan

black and tan pup

This is a typical black and tan puppy. Many times the dog will be darker as a pup and the tan areas will get larger as it matures. So often a dark pup will turn out more like a typical black and tan as an adult.

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Black Sable

black sable dog

This color is called a black sable. This is a photo of my stud dog Bravo.The deep black color is brought out by the black on the tips of the hair. Usually pups don't start out this black - as they age they get darker and darker.

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Tan Sable

tan sable pup

tan sable pup

tan sable pup

This pup is called a tan sable. These dogs have a dark face and lighter tan sable body. These dogs are beautiful as adults. As they get older their bodies almost always darken into a brown sable color. What in effect happens is the tips of the hair follicle get either very dark brown or black so the dog looks a lot darker than this. If the hair is pulled back (towards the head of the dog) one sees that the bottom part of the hair follicle is tan (the color of the dog’s body in the photo), while the tips of the hair are dark. People will stop on the street and say how beautiful these dogs are. There are NO AMERICAN BLOODLINE DOGS that are tan sables.

These are all Leerburg puppies.

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Brown Sable

brown sable stud dog

This is a photo of my foundation stud dog Natan Busecker Schloss. He is a brown sable. The sables offer a wide range of spectacular colors. This is just one example of what they will look like as an adult.

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Dark Brown Sable

dark brown sable pup

This color is called a dark brown sable. They grow up to be very dark, good looking dogs. This is a very unusual color.

I am currently collecting other photos of the various colors. That way when I talk with a customer I can tell them to look at these photos to get an idea of the color of the pups in question.

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bi-color dog

This is a photo of a bi-colored dog. A bi-color is a dog that is almost exclusively black with some tan markings on the legs. Some puppies start out as bi-colors and progress to the color of the dog below.

bi-color dog

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