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From the Rescue to the Home with JJ Belcher
Based on 1 reviews

From the Rescue to the Home with JJ Belcher

Based on 1 review
From the Rescue to the Home with JJ Belcher  Cover Art
  • 3 Hours, 36 minutes long
  • Released Winter 2017
  • Instructor: JJ Belcher
  • Also available as an online course.
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This DVD will take a behind the scenes look at the journey many rescue dogs go on before reaching your home. You will see rescue organization staff and volunteer interviews to see what life was most likely like before you adopted your new best friend. This DVD covers common behavior problems associated with dog adoption (nervousness, separation anxiety, etc…) and how to solve and prevent those problems. Learn how to properly introduce a dog to a new environment and housemates, proper socialization techniques, maintain a healthy pet, leash walking manners, obedience training and more. Our goal with this DVD is to reduce the return rate to animal shelters due to behavior problems. We hope you find this DVD to be a valuable behavior management tool.

Thank you for saving a dog's life!


  1. Before You Adopt - Considerations before adopting and creating a plan to make life easier during the adoption process.
  2. Bringing Your New Dog Home - Beginning steps of training with your dog including potty training, introducing your new dog to the crate, other pets, and traveling in the car.
  3. The Art of Communication - Basic obedience, play time, and real world training to give you a basis of how to start training and management.
  4. Behavior Modifications - Problems areas may arise with your dog either right away or after the "honeymoon" stage including separation anxiety, destructive behaviors, barking. resource guarding, and more.
  5. Health and Maintenance - Maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your dog. Vet visits, grooming, and diet.
  6. People, Places, and Things - Preparing your dog for success when bringing them out into the world, introducing them to kids, other dogs, new environments, and more.
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